Win the Midterm Culture War with Niche Voter Targeting

In late December 2021 and leading into the New year, a new variant of COVID proliferated across the United States that blatantly ignored the political promises attached to vaccinations. The Midterms would be about COVID. A month or so later, Russia invaded Ukraine. The Midterms would be about Ukraine (some of the primaries were). Fast forward a few weeks, and Americans are taking a beating at the pump and in the grocery stores. The Midterms would be about inflation (some of the primaries were).  

The fact is, the focus of elections often changes too quickly for campaigns to keep up…too quickly for humans to keep up. It’s not fair to operatives, we know. And trying to do so can be downright expensive.     

For example, the tragedy that unfolded in Uvalde, Texas, has put the issue of gun control at the heart of the midterms. Additionally, the leaked Supreme Court draft of an opinion that sought to overturn Roe V Wade shocked the nation and reignited the culture war surrounding the abortion debate. According to Resonate’s most recent Emerging Trends Report, 46% of Americans are more likely to vote now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned—making this a crucial elections cycle. 

Know Your Voters and the Issues That Matter to Them

Based on the above events, how many voters in your district are now single-issue voters? How many have changed their minds on these issues in the last few weeks—or started learning in a new direction? Were you able to see these shifts as they unfolded and understand how they’re impacting your November outcome?    

At Resonate, our AI-powered Ignite Platform tracks voters in real-time across the most critical issues that will decide races. By leveraging daily online behavioral insights across 90% of the online electorate, our models track the most meaningful sentiment shifts and allow campaigns to turn intelligence into action. Check out two voter audiences below in crucial midterm battlegrounds that will vote based on recent culture war issues and possibly decide the elections.   

Ohio Midterm Pro-Life Voters   

According to Resonate data, 17% of Americans say medical providers should be punished for performing an abortion. In battleground Ohio, the Resonate Ignite Platform has found 2M registered pro-life voters who are known midterm voters.   

Pro-life Ohio Voters As the above insights demonstrate, compared to your average Ohio voter, these midterm voters are much more likely to value traditions, religion, and safety. Considering the national conversation around abortion right now, this is a can’t-miss voter audience for conservative campaigns.   

Bonus insight: This audience is not just Republicans. 35% of this entire audience is Democrats, while 12% are Independents!   

Voter Data in Ohio

What’s also interesting is that pro-life Ohio midterm voters are much more likely to vote for a candidate demonstrating bipartisanship than your average Ohio voter. Below are other top qualities/issues this audience picks candidates on.  

Pro-life Ohio Voters

Arizona Known Midterm Voters Who Want Gun Control  

In Arizona, the Resonate Ignite Platform has identified roughly 1M registered frequent midterm voters who have chosen gun control as a top ballot driver. This is a critical audience in the Arizona midterm right now, considering the special U.S. Senate election in 2020 was decided by roughly 79k votes!   

Arizona Midterm Voters Gun Control

Interestingly, while gun control is a significant driver for these Arizona voters, their #1 priority is actually student debt, with gun control being a close second. Both topics should be addressed when engaging this audience. These insights demonstrate the importance of understanding the 2-3 issues moving voter intention together.  

Biden Administration Priorities Arizona Voters

Bonus insight: Compared to your average registered voter in Arizona, this Arizona gun control midterm audience believes Russia is currently the number one threat to the United States.  


The above voter audiences, and thousands more niche midterm segments, are available for immediate targeting with the help of our expert media campaign strategists.  

Voter turnout means everything this November 

When it comes to the issues driving ballot decisions in your race, Resonate is here to ensure your campaigns are utilizing the granular insights that can drive immediate, meaningful action when it counts.You need the most precise voter targeting using the best voter intelligence data, and Resonate’s media strategists are ready to help. Contact us today about your next campaign. 

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