[Infographic]: Get to Know the Green Tax Supporters

Green Tax Supporter

You can’t blame Columbus for thinking the earth was flat when he had such limited technology. Today, many people in politics still think the voter landscape is flat, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Resonate used AI-powered data science to discover eight hidden dimensions of voters who are highly clustered together based on familiar patterns (and some surprises). Resonate analyzed these segments in order to gain a deeper understanding of them, which will help political campaigns reach and connect with their desired voter groups more effectively.

One of these newly uncovered dimensions is the green tax supporter. These voters come from both the political right and left and their core similarities revolve around environmental tax policies. They believe auto gas guzzler and carbon emissions taxes should be raised and that a higher gas tax would encourage more people to drive fuel-efficient vehicles.

Since they cross party lines, connecting with this voter segment requires a focus on the issues that matter most to them and knowing where to effectively reach them. So, who are these voters and why do they vote the way they do?

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