[Infographic] Managed Media for Campaigns: Right Message, Right Audience, Right Time

Politics & Advocacy Managed Media Infographic

Your campaign is big on goals and short on time. You need to deliver the right message to the exact right audience at exactly the right time. How do you make that happen? 

Resonate’s team of managed media experts are available to build hyper-targeted audiences and plan, execute and measure winning campaigns. 

Count on Scale, Functionality and Accuracy 

Resonate allows you to access more than 13,000 attributes on over 200 million U.S. voters. That means your campaigns are built for precise personalization that goes beyond flat demographics. With direct integrations and automized workflows with DSP partners, Resonate has the power to ensure that campaigns are delivered accurately, quickly and at scale across channels and devices. Additionally, leveraging several DSPs allows access to the latest in AI tools and the ability to optimize click through, completion and viewability.

You’ll also never have to worry that your ads are running beside anything that might dilute or distract from your message. Inventory is scrutinized to remove ad fraud, clutter and hateful, dangerous content and an additional layer of protection is added through our partner Trust Metrics. With this two-pronged approach, you can be confident about your ad placement. 

On-demand customizable dashboards pull in metrics from all DSPs and offer a cohesive view of performance at your fingertips. Plus, you have a best in class team of Media Strategists, Client Partners, Campaign Managers, Customer Success Managers and Analysts to support your campaign every step of the way. 

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