Infographic: Millennial Product Preference Differences

We know the purchasing power of Millennials right? But, can you identify the differences between what a 34 year old male versus a 23 year old values in the products they buy? Or the difference in their shopping behaviors?

If Millennials are a key segment for you, these nuances can be critical when developing your brand messaging strategy. They aren’t a “one size fits all” segment when it comes to product attributes they value and the reasons why they buy.

Influencing buying behavior requires speaking to them, not only in their own language, but on a more personal level. Our latest infographic reveals the key differences in which product preferences drive different sub-segments of Millennials to engage with your brand and become loyal customers. It shows that you can’t market to a generation simply off its label.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Fast and responsive staff surprisingly matters more to male Millennials than female Millennials
  • Fun and Exciting is a product attribute you would expect younger female Millennials to value, but it’s actually a top attribute valued by those over 27
  • Luxury is valued more by older Millennial males than ALL ages of Millennial females

Resonate helps ensure that your messaging to Millennials takes into account their values, motivations, product preferences and purchase drivers in order to increase engagement and conversion. The more that you understand your targets on a deeper, more individualized level, the better success you’ll have in actually influencing buying behavior.

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