[Infographic] Which Hispanic Americans Most Value Romantic Love? Achievement?

If you’re going to connect with your clients’ target customers, you need to know them on a human level. You need to understand the cultural nuances that drive their values, purchasing decisions, media preferences, and more. And, when it comes to the diversity of Hispanic audiences across the United States, it’s critical that brands and agencies realize you’re talking to a group that is not monolithic. The demographics and preferences of Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, and Puerto Ricans are as varied across groups as they are across regions.

Tap Into Multicultural Nuances

Our latest infographic, Understanding the Nuances of Hispanic Audiences, gives you an easy-to-scan preview of the deep, relevant insights within our larger Hispanic report. We dive into their values, drivers, media preferences, and more. Give it a look and see how these quick data points can inform your strategy, messaging, media planning, and more.

Dig Into the Details

Want to get right into the specific details of the Hispanic audiences that a segmentation agency leveraged to win a huge nationwide pitch? Read our Alma case study for a look at the geo-targeted personas developed using Resonate’s fresh, human-level data.

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