Innovation in Advocacy Shares Resonate’s Superior Voter Behavior Modeling Methodology

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Recently, Innovation in Advocacy, a regular publisher on blogging website Medium, shared their thoughts on Resonate’s unique voter behavior modeling capabilities.

Everyone knows that traditional polling organizations got the results of the 2016 Presidential election wrong. However, fewer people heard that Resonate got the state-by-state results 94% correct. InnoAdvo calls out this misconception, saying, The part of the story that is often left out or conveniently forgotten is the select few individuals that did know what the results were going to be.”

Resonate’s methodology is complex, but as the article explains, our layering of multiple levels of understanding and advanced data technology allow greater insight into voters, particularly key swing voters in battleground states, that can make a crucial difference for political advocacy organizations looking for an edge.

The article ends, “Platforms with such advanced capabilities hardly make mistakes. They understand things about individuals that traditional pollsters or researchers simply cannot. … Their abilities proved their validity and their success in the 2016 election.”

Thank you, Innovation in Advocacy, for the words of praise. We strive to provide the highest quality data and most end-to-end service in the industry, and are grateful for the recognition of our platform’s abilities.

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