What Makes Patriots and Falcons Fans Unique? Looking beyond the MVP Quarterbacks

As one of the biggest events for advertisers and football fans approaches, we wanted to dig deeper and use our in-depth attitudinal consumer data to find out who these fans are that are rooting for this year’s Super Bowl teams. Beyond their love for Tom Brady and Matt Ryan respectively, what is it that makes the Patriots and Falcons’ passionate fan bases unique from one another? Turns out there’s quite a lot.

Here are some highlights:

                                Patriots Fans                                                                        Falcons Fans
Values Values
  • These fans are 46% more likely to be optimists than Falcons fans. They are also 32% more likely to desire trust from others.
  • “In Bill We Trust” is a New England motto for a reason.


  • These fans are 148% more likely than Patriots fans to exhibit creativity. They are 96% more likely to express their individuality.
  • Seeing the creativity coming out of Atlanta across the entertainment industry this past year is clearly evidence of this.


Motivations Motivations
  • Patriots fans are motivated by protecting their families and maintaining close relationships with those they care about.
  • Safe to say they’ll be watching the game together in big groups this weekend.
  • Falcons fans are motivated by being happy and creating memories.
  • The excitement at the Georgia Dome during its final season as the home stadium certainly has provided a lot of those.


Media Consumption Habits Media Consumption Habits
  • They are almost 80% more likely than Falcons fans to watch sports-related TV shows such as HBO’s Hard Knocks and Ballers. They are also 42-55% more likely to read Sports Illustrated and ESPN The Magazine regularly.
  • They don’t call Boston the Sports Hub for nothing.
  • Patriots fans are 53% more likely to watch PGA Golf and are 48% more likely to watch Major League Baseball than the average American.
  • No surprise since the Red Sox won the AL East last season and have had a lot of recent success.



  • They are more likely to watch sitcoms and dramas, such as Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, and NCIS than sports-related content.
  • Interestingly network shows are the bigger draw for these fans.
  • These fans are 60% more likely than Patriots fans to spend 40+ hours online each week.
  • They are also almost 100% more likely to watch TV online or through a TV streaming service while using their computers or tablets when watching TV.
  • These fans will be watching on Sunday across multiple different device types.
  • They prefer soccer and NASCAR and are 117% more likely to never watch baseball.


Product Preferences Product Preferences
  • Patriots fans are more likely to have consumed bourbon, gin, and scotch whiskey in the last 30 days.
  • They do indeed drink more than just Dunkin Donuts
  • Falcons fans’ liquors of choices over the last 30 days have been rum, tequila, and vodka.
  • You bet these will be on hand for the Big Game.

So why does all of this matter?  Products and services that appeal to Patriots fans could completely miss the mark when being pitched the same way to Falcons fans.  At Resonate, we know that targeting these fans based on their demographics and geographic location alone isn’t enough.

For advertisers who are running ads during the Super Bowl, knowing and understanding these differentiating traits between the two fan bases can help drive follow-up creative content strategy and execution to continue engaging them during the off-season. Catering messaging to these fans based on their individual values, motivations, product preferences and purchase drivers will result in a huge touchdown for brands in the coming months.

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