Male versus Female Grocery Shoppers: What Do They Value?

Male versus Female Grocery Shoppers: What Do They Value?

CPG marketers are facing stiff competition for eyes and dollars across grocery shelves and online carts during an unpredictable consumer climate. It’s those brands that use this time to focus on hyper-targeted personalization and customized messaging that will see growth, build loyalty and drive new customers in 2021. But how do they know where to start?

Resonate connects brands with the values, motivations, behaviors and purchase drivers that will make an impact on marketing strategy, product development and more in this time when everything is new and nothing is normal. We use more than 13,000 dynamic attributes scaled to 200 million U.S. consumers using AI and 10 billion daily online events to get at the Human Element – the “why” that drives consumers. This is the powerful, impactful data you need behind your decisions that will drive a customer to click, “add to cart.”

One of the areas that should be on CPG marketers’ radar, particularly those within the grocery vertical: male versus female grocery shoppers.

The Motivations that Drive Male versus Female Grocery Shoppers

They are approximately 144 million U.S. adults who are the primary grocery shopper within their household. Of those, 58% are female. So, while that number skews a bit towards females, there are also 42% males that you need to connect within a meaningful, authentic way.

Their differences span not only product preferences, but in-person shopping experience requirements. For example, female shoppers are 24% more likely to expect nightly disinfecting at the grocery store to feel safe.

That means it should be no surprise that female grocery shoppers are more likely to respond to CPG messaging around health – as well as family-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. Male grocery shoppers, meanwhile, prefer messaging that emphasizes innovation, high-quality and dependability.

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