Marketing to Auto Policyholders in a New Normal

The New Normal of Marketing to Auto Policyholders

Credits, refunds, incentives. Auto insurers have been pulling out the stops to encourage policyholders to stay the course throughout the pandemic, particularly as consumers are spending less time on the road and 51% are worried about their personal financial situation to a moderate to extreme extent according to Resonate’s latest Wave 7 data.

Marketing to auto policyholders will look different in this new normal. Now is the time to put the pedal to the metal (car puns start now) and use real-time, human-level insights to connect with policyholders for both retention and growth.

What Drives Auto Policyholders?

If auto insurance marketers hope to retain current policyholders and grow business with new prospects, they need to know what drives them.

In our report, The New Normal of Marketing to Auto Policyholders, we look at auto policyholders from 3 of the big names: Allstate, Geico and State Farm. We consider the values that drive them, like safety, security and duty. We examine the brand characteristics that compel them to buy, including brands that are honest and trustworthy. And we look at the specific purchase drivers that could motivate policyholders to choose one insurer over another.

Would you have guessed that these auto policyholders are 36% more likely to look for continuing education courses? Or that they’re 22% more likely to utilize a mobile app? Whether you’re in auto insurance marketing, product development or strategy, this information is key as you develop messaging and offerings to connect with consumers today.

Dive Into the Data You Need to Inform Auto Insurance Marketing Now

Our report uses Resonate’s 13,000+ attributes on the behaviors, psychographics, values and motivations that are behind policyholder decisions. These insights, scaled to 200 million U.S. consumers, gives us a deep, granular look at what’s driving purchasing decisions, what consumers expect from their auto insurance company and what could motivate them to switch.

Want to learn more? Download The New Normal of Marketing to Auto Policyholders today and hit the road towards connecting with policyholders on a deeper level.

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