Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: In-Flux Inactives

Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: In-Flux Inactives

Introducing the In-Flux Inactives

Leveraging the industry’s most advanced machine learning models, our 2020 Voter Landscape has surgically divided the U.S. Electorate into seven voter segments based on their online behavior. Simply put, we removed human bias from the equation and let the math do the talking.

Falling at the center of the Voter Landscape, meet the In-Flux Inactives, a majority millennial voter segment that’s just trying to make it in America. Let’s take a deeper look at this segment.

Meet the In-Flux Inactives: 2020’s Persuadable Voters

The least politically entrenched electoral segment in the country, the In-Flux Inactives represents 2020’s persuadable voters. Come November, their ballot decisions won’t be based on party affiliation or ideological allegiance, but rather on which candidates can best bring the American Dream into focus for the blue-collar voter.

Compared to the average voter, this In-Flux segment is 109% more likely to be persuadable on the Trump Administration

The In-Flux Inactive is likely a hardworking millennial-driven by gaining respect from others and defining their place in the world. This voter is likely a fiscal conservative, but not on ideological grounds; they’re 37% more likely to not even consider party affiliation when casting a vote. Their fiscal conservatism is rather grounded in an appreciation for the hard-earned dollar and American worker. When considering candidates, job creation policies rank at the top of the list.

The In-Flux Inactives encompass nearly 70 million eligible voters throughout the country and unlike other voter segments, they have an appetite for balance and bipartisanship in American politics. As we progress through presidential debate season and the election’s home stretch,

these are your voters who remain persuadable on key issues and who are open to new ideas and leaders.

For any campaign in a tight race, failing to invest in reaching and persuading voters like the In-Flux Inactive is a perilous strategy. While mobilizing the base remains critical, campaigns that have the data and targeting capabilities to simultaneously target and win persuadables have the best shot at eclipsing fifty percent. Every vote counts, but a persuadable vote packs extra power; one for your candidate, one less for the opposition.

In addition to winning persuadables who plan to vote, our In-Flux Inactive segment demonstrates the power of reaching and motivating eligible persuadables who remain on the sidelines. Our insights show that 27% of this entire segment, or roughly 20 million eligible voters, are unsure if they will even vote this year. The Resonate Voter Landscape has unlocked the key insights that are capable of moving these voters to cast a ballot. If your campaign is scratching and clawing towards fifty-one percent, then this audience is available to you for immediate targeting and persuasion.

Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: In-Flux Inactives

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