Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: The Absolute Activist

Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: The Absolute Activist

Leveraging the industry’s most advanced machine learning models, our 2020 Voter Landscape has surgically divided the U.S. Electorate into seven voter segments based on their online behavior. Simply put, we removed human bias from the equation and let the math do the talking.

On the far left of the Voter Landscape, meet the TikTok electorate, a new breed of passionate, young Americans, including Gen Z voters, whose potential to influence outcomes remains unknown. Let’s take a deeper look at this segment.

Meet the Absolute Activists: The Largest Slice of Gen Z Voters

The Absolute Activists are an online audience of 26 million eligible U.S. voters who represent some of the youngest voters in the country.

The Absolute Activist has grown up on video and isn’t shy about flipping around their iPhone camera to let you know how they see the world. Gen Z voters (18-24) represent about half of this entire segment.

These eligible voters are 217% more likely to support Democrats with a socialist stance, and they are strong promoters of race and gender equality on their own platforms. However, if you’re a Democratic campaign, the question is: will they actually vote? And more importantly, what can you do to motivate them to vote for your candidate?

Resonate’s 2020 Voter Landscape allows campaigns to target the Absolute Activist online with a message tailored to their values and motivations. Our insights show that, on the issues, this audience is moved by:

  • Tuition-free college
  • Pro-choice policies
  • Belief that immigrants improve the economy

Like many young people, the Absolute Activist is driven by a sense of belonging and status. Their driving political force is seeing Trump removed from office. Compared to the average voter, they are 43% more likely to vote by mail this year.

What Does the Absolute Activist Mean for Your Campaign?

The role of young people in digital activism this year has been undeniable, but campaigns should not assume that this momentum will automatically transfer into votes. Any Democratic campaign in a tight race should target this audience online with a message worthy of their attention, and ultimately, their vote.

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