Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: The Dedicated Democrats

Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: The Dedicated Democrats 

Introducing the Dedicated Democrats

Leveraging the industry’s most advanced machine learning models, our 2020 Voter Landscape has surgically divided the U.S. electorate into seven voter segments based on their online behavior. Simply put, we removed human bias from the equation and let the math do the talking.

To the Voter Landscape’s left of center, meet the Dedicated Democrats, the Democratic Party’s stalwart electorate. Let’s take a deeper look at this segment.

Meet the Dedicated Democrats: The Democratic Establishment

The Dedicated Democrats are an online audience of 22 million U.S. voters who form the sturdy bedrock of the Democratic Party. These politically engaged Blue Dogs have Joe Biden’s back and firmly believe he is the right man to defeat Donald Trump in November.

Take note, down-ballot campaigns: when targeting this segment, hitch your wagon to Biden

The targeting and messaging power of the Voter Landscape is demonstrated when contrasting these Dedicated Democrats to the Absolute Activists. While the Absolute Activists represent the youngest generation of liberally charged, protest voters in the country, the Dedicated Democrats represent the progressive Baby Boomers who have remained reliably blue, year over year.

The Dedicated Democrats’ allegiance is to the party of the Kennedys, Jimmy Carter, and the Clintons. Their motivation is the establishment’s sustained influence on the social and economic fabric of a country sewn together with hope and change.

66% of this entire audience is female and they’re more likely to be retired. This is a voter segment driven by traditional values and devotion to God and their faith. You’re more likely to find the Dedicated Democrats on Facebook or browsing local news sources.

In a hyper-partisan world, the Dedicated Democrats are focused on the policy issues they care about most. When targeting this segment, partisan rhetoric is not enough and campaigns will need to speak to the issues that hit closest to home. Three key issues that will move a Dedicated Democrat are: developing alternative energy sources, combating climate change and enacting gun control measures.

Bonus insight: compared to the average U.S. voter, Dedicated Democrats are 89% more likely to support mail-in voting and roughly half of this segment will vote by mail this cycle

On other issues, when compared to the average voter, the Dedicated Democrats are:

  • 45% more likely to believe Congress should prioritize government oversight
  • 15% more likely to support improving mass public transit programs
  • 41% more likely to support the EPA’s role in regulating carbon emissions

Interested in learning more about the Dedicated Democrats? Download Resonate’s 2020 Voter Landscape.

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Meet 2020’s Critical Voters: The Dedicated Democrats

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