Meet the 2022 Single-Issue Voter: Watch Out for Student Loans

Target single-issue voter with student loans

Student debt is arguably the most tangible political issue for the young voter bearing that financial burden. While most voters choose their policy positions based on their party’s platform, most of those policies don’t really impact everyday decisions and fears quite like crippling student debt with vicious interest rates.   

Comparatively, arbitrary corporate tax policies or foreign relations are not weighing on a young voter’s mind when buying bananas, planning a family vacation, or paying the rent is hindered by boundless student loan debt. Heading into November, don’t be surprised if student loans are responsible for the 2022 single-issue voter. Are you prepared for that scenario? 

AI Voter Landscape Shows Student Loan Issue Cutting Across Party Lines 

Every midterm and general election season, Resonate uses its proprietary AI to develop The Resonate Voter Landscape. Our three-dimensional machine learning models surgically divide the electorate into ten distinct voter segments based on a unique set of insights that will directly influence candidate choice in the 2022 elections.   

Out of these ten unique voter segments, our AI identified the youngest and most engaged segments on both the right and the left. And, you guessed it, student debt is a top issue informing both voter segments’ candidate choices this cycle. Our AI demonstrates that political party is irrelevant when it comes to younger voters and the student debt issue.       

Meet the “Bro-publicans” Concerned About Student Debt  

Meet your new-era young Republicans, aka the “Bro-publicans.” There are 16 million of them online. Many of these younger voters are somewhat fresh out of school, and they’re likely tuning into a Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson podcast to hear discussion about modern political issues.    

Interestingly, this young voter segment leans blue-collar, dispelling the Republican narrative around student loan forgiveness only favoring the wealthy and privileged. Politically, the Bro-publican is most concerned about their own economic benefit and financial situation, which is currently stressed heading into the polls thanks to the combination of COVID setbacks and the weight of their student loans.  

Consider that when compared to your average registered Republican voter, the Bro-publican is 80% more likely to believe the Biden Administration should make student debt a top priority.  

Here’s a deeper political analysis of Bro-publicans compared to the average registered Republican online. Notice that this audience is also much more likely to care about racial equality and climate change. 

Meet the “Blue Dog Democrats” Concerned About Student Debt  

On the left, our AI identifies our “Blue Dog Democrats,” a young liberal segment that, like the Bro-publicans, are chiefly concerned about their own economic situations that are hamstrung by student debt burdens. There are 26 million of them online.  

The Blue Dogs are a prominent liberal voter segment that will significantly impact the 2022 Midterms, but they have a new look. This is no longer your older southern White Democrats but rather an urban multicultural voter segment most concerned about job creation, economic status, and education.     

These Blue Dog Democrats also include blue-collar voters, dispelling political myths that student loan forgiveness primarily favors upper-class kids.    

Consider that when compared to your average registered Democrat voter, the Blue Dog Democrat is 54% more likely to believe the Biden Administration should make student debt a top priority.   

Here’s a deeper political analysis of your Blue Dog Democrats compared to the average registered Democrat online. Notice that this audience is also much more likely to care about gun control and police reform. 

Bonus student debt insight: There are 9.6 million total voters online – across all party lines who frequently vote in midterms who believe student debt should be Biden’s top priority. Their diverse and unique political makeup is outlined in the data below.  

These segments (and thousands more we can build out and model in real-time) are available for immediate midterm targeting with Resonate. Voter turnout means everything this November. When it comes to single-issue voters—like those who care most about student debt, position on Roe vs. Wade, and more—having the data to surgically target and persuade niche voter segments and go all-in on relevant messaging will make the difference between winning and losing. Contact us today to learn what Resonate can do for your campaign! 

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