How Will Americans Celebrate Mother’s Day in a Vaccinated World?

According to the National Retail Federation®, 83% of Americans plan to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2021. From cards to jewelry, brunches to bouquets, consumers across the country could spend an average of $220 celebrating moms this May. But, what does Mother’s Day look like as vaccinated numbers tick up?

As of today, over 100 million Americans have been fully vaccinated. How will that affect Mother’s Day plans and consumer spending? We looked at the latest data on consumers during the pandemic to find out. Using an audience of consumers who plan on purchasing items for Mother’s Day, we see that they value an optimistic outlook and enjoying life’s pleasures. 41% of this group are mothers themselves.

An In-Person Vaccinated Visit Could Be the Most Valuable Mother’s Day Gift of 2021

Last Mother’s Day was celebrated in the height of pandemic uncertainty. We were less than two months into lockdown and stay-at-home orders were in full effect. Mother’s Day was one of the first holidays spent apart from family and, for those Americans who indicate they plan on buying items for Mother’s Day, 30% expect leisure travel to resume by May — that means they’re 26% more likely to share travel optimism than the average American. This could correlate to their vaccination likelihood: 60% are moderately to completely likely to get the vaccine. Those who are vaccinated could be more eager to travel again — and that’s who you want to target with your Mother’s Day travel messaging.


mother's day vaccinated - mothers day vaccination

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, May 2021

If you’re one of the hotels or airlines that this Mother’s Day group is most likely to try — Wyndham, Marriott, Southwest, Delta, or United — you may want to consider a push over the next week, with an emphasis on last minute Mother’s Day travel bookings. This group is most likely to use travel apps and 8-9% more likely to use social media for planning and researching vacations, so leverage your social channels to encourage vaccinated consumers to surprise mom this coming weekend — and offer deals for those staying or flying with you.


mother's day vaccinated - mothers day vaccination

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, May 2021

But, Don’t Write Off Gifts as a Love Language

Of course, that doesn’t mean mom doesn’t appreciate a gift for all that she does. So, meet your consumers where they are. This group is 13% more likely than the average American consumer to say price is the primary influence on their purchasing decision, so make sure they know about your Mother’s Day sales. And, mom deserves a bit of pampering after this past year, right? That must be why…

This group is also 8% more likely than the average consumer to say their plans to purchase a luxury product in the next 90 days has increased.

Additionally, they’re 19% more likely to say that their likelihood of purchasing products online in the next 90 days has increased, and they’re 16% more likely to cite curbside pick-up as an important shopping factor. How can you make online ordering and in-store curbside pick-up as seamless as possible this coming weekend? Is there anything you can do to make customers feel appreciated as they celebrate the holiday?

What Does This Mean For Your Own Mother’s Day Shoppers?

As you look to your last Mother’s Day advertising push and try to capture your share of consumer dollars, remember it’s critical to know what’s resonating with your target audience today. The Resonate Ignite Platform™ takes your own first- and third- party data, enriches it with the deep consumer research insights available within the platform, including this audience of Mother’s Day shoppers and the vaccinated, and discovers the exact messaging and product attributes that will convert and build loyalty among your customers and prospects. Want to learn more? Request a demo today.

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