Resonate Launches Resonate Health, a New Privacy-Compliant Source of Premium Healthcare Data for Insights and Activation

New Rich, Relevant Data Set Enables Organizations to Deliver More Effective Marketing Campaigns Informed by Previously Undiscoverable Insights

RESTON, Va., March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-powered consumer data and intelligence, today announced the launch of Resonate Health, a new solution that provides access to robust, privacy-compliant health and wellness data. This new data set, available within the Resonate Ignite platform, provides organizations with an unparalleled and unprecedented understanding of U.S. health and wellness consumers and caregivers.

“Demands for personalization are at an all-time high, but traditional health data derived from clinical research is expensive, hard to find, and often narrow and complex in subject matter – making understanding and targeting of niche consumer audiences difficult and inefficient,” said Bryan Gernert, CEO of Resonate. “Our privacy-compliant data provides a holistic view of the consumer, ranging from their health status and the wellness topics that interest them to what guides their decision-making, so that organizations can know more about what makes them tick and target them with relevant, personalized messaging and creative.”

Resonate Health has more than 800 health and wellness related attributes generated from its proprietary research and cutting-edge AI and machine learning engine. Resonate Health is available for exploration, analysis and activation in the Resonate Ignite platform. Clients’ first-party data can be safely onboarded and matched to the Resonate Health data set, empowering organizations to build and activate audiences based on healthcare conditions, management preferences, and caregiver roles and services, within their customer base or beyond.

Through Resonate Health, agencies, DTC health and wellness brands and media companies can dive deeper into audiences to explore difficult-to-discover topics and conditions. The best-in-class data provides intent, sentiment and preferences, enabling organizations to:

  • Inform their healthcare marketing strategy with a robust, 360-degree understanding of consumers’ health status and intentions.
  • Build and activate audiences around niche healthcare topics and conditions.
  • Dynamically create and utilize bespoke data on any health and wellness topic customized to their brand, product or service.
  • Create personalized customer experiences, offers, messaging and creative that address unique audience nuances and increase conversion.

Learn more about Resonate Health here or read the press release here.

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