Safety First: Winning the Quiet Swing Voter

Safety First: Winning the Quiet Swing Voter

We’re 170 long days into 2020, but just 138 days out from the first Tuesday in November, when millions of Americans will vote for their future in the country and communities we collectively share.

It’s been an incredibly emotional and frightening year and as we inch towards November, one that will be political to its freshly wounded core.

For an untrained strategist, American voters have already made up their minds. In this moment in history, with everything happening in the world, how could there be any doubt as to what candidates or party to support? For these campaign operatives, the only tactic worth pursuing now is making sure enough of their voters show up 5 months from now.

Cautionary tale: don’t throw out your history books just yet, at least not this chapter. This type of thinking loses elections.

Meet the quiet swing voter, driven by safety

At Resonate, it’s our job to help you find, engage, and win persuadable voter audiences your competitors will never see, hear, or understand through the masses and rhetoric. These voters are quietly blending into the 2020 political backdrop, but our data shows they’re out there, and the world will see them in Autumn.

The Resonate platform, leveraging the nation’s largest proprietary voter survey with dynamic online behavioral analysis, has identified one of these critical voter blocs, consisting of roughly 11 million registered, frequent, and known swing voters. In the wake of a grim pandemic and consequential uncertainty, safety is at the crux of every decision these voters make for themselves, and for their families.

On November 3rd, we can expect these voters to make decisions holding true to these same values, from the top of the ticket on down. Votes asking for a secure, predictable, and better tomorrow.

Where to look and what to look for

If you plan to target the quiet swing voter through online political media channels or forums, you’ll miss them, and you certainly won’t cross paths at a rally in the streets. Their signatures are left off advocacy petitions and their email addresses are missing from party fundraising lists.

Our data shows these are voters who are more likely to have a middle school sticker on their bumper than a campaign slogan. They’re more likely to be found at a local public meeting than a political rally, and their contributions find charities before candidates.

These are voters quietly yearning for the health of the American people and economy to return.

The certainty that dinner will be on the table and the dependability of the biweekly direct deposit trumps the need to engage in the political divide, one filled with empty promises that never quite find the pantry or checking account.

Analyzing the quiet swing voter

In our audience of 11 million quiet swing voters, 53% identify as Independents. Party platform messaging will simply not work with this group. When it comes to key election influencers, these voters are not influenced by social media or political outlets, even during a time when political media is dominating across platforms. Instead, the quiet swing voter follows their gut instinct and places a premium on candidate debates.

On that debate stage, whether local or national, they’ll look for a practical candidate, one who offers common sense solutions to grave and complex problems. Accountability and transparency will unlock their hearts and minds.

Safety First: Winning the Quiet Swing Voter

Title: Safety First: Winning the Quiet Swing Voter

The data shows that these voters are driven by dependability, trustworthiness, and optimism. They are looking for an honest candidate that will tell them the truth, never falter from their positions, and make the earth beneath them feel a bit sturdier than it felt yesterday.

Safety First: Winning the Quiet Swing Voter

Safety First: Winning the Quiet Swing Voter

On the issues, these voters carry concerns that hit close to home. When compared to the average voter, they are 25% more worried, to a large extent, about personally suffering economic loss due to the coronavirus situation. They worry about the U.S. budget, deficit, and how corporate and public policies will hurt the American worker, those on our front lines, thinly protected by masks and hard hats.
Safety First: Winning the Quiet Swing Voter

Safety First: Winning the Quiet Swing Voter
When it comes to securing the homeland, these voters hold their leaders to the highest of expectations during trying and unpredictable times.

if you listen closely, you can hear… “be honest, be dependable, be humble, and above all, keep us safe…”

Safety First: Winning the Quiet Swing Voter

Safety First: Winning the Quiet Swing Voter

Start winning their vote

Battleground elections throughout the nation, including races that will be won or lost on a shoestring, will be decided by persuadable voter audiences like the quiet swing voters.

In such a politically charged, emotional environment, it can be hard to digest that there’s still millions of voters out there who are undecided, and whose positions will alternate from now up until election day. Remember it was just 4 years ago when sliding support decided a national election and shocked the world.

With Resonate, we can provide your campaign with that winning edge through real-time understanding and targeting of persuadable voters, those with the potential to decide your race. We’ve already done the work for you, and our platform is capable of immediately identifying these voters online and engaging them with a message tailored to the values that will capture their attention and ultimately win their vote.

If you’re interested in locally targeting and starting an interactive dialogue with quiet swing voters, or another persuadable audience your competitors will never find – or even think to look for – contact us today and we’ll help make the introduction.

Request a demo or reach us via email at or by phone at 855-855-4320.

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