Specificity Drives Authenticity: Highlights from Alma’s Multicultural Webinar

Specificity Drives Authenticity: Highlights from Alma’s Multicultural Webinar

Alma. It means “soul” in Spanish. And it’s the name of a dynamic, diverse multicultural segmentation agency based in Miami, FL. They are rooted in the belief that brands must tap into the soul of customers in order to connect and cultural understanding is the key to building consumer-brand engagement.

An ANA study found that high cultural relevance increased brand perception by 2X and ad effectiveness by 3X.

To build that deep, nuanced multicultural understanding, Alma uses a proprietary segmentation model, enriched with Resonate’s real-time, granular insights scaled to the entire U.S. adult population. They know that multicultural connection goes beyond broad strokes such as, “Hispanic,” and they drill down on the cultural distinctions, attitudes, and behaviors that go beyond language.

Specificity Drives Authenticity and Genuine Customer Connection

Marketers need to be customer-obsessed – they have to understand consumers at their core. They need to know what drives them, including their values and motivations. A high-affinity Hispanic individual driven by tradition and caring for family will resonate with different messaging than a lower affinity Hispanic individual who values independence and influence. Marketers need to reflect that in their creative.

Dive into the How Behind Driving Client Growth Through Multicultural Strategy

In this 10-minute highlight reel of Alma’s insight-packed webinar (watch the full video here!), you’ll dive into three examples from three markedly different clients. With each, Alma leveraged both their proprietary Hispanic audience model and Resonate’s human-level data to build resonant segmentation that struck a chord with the nuances between similar, but diverse, audiences.

The bottom line is all customers long to be understood and they know when a brand has done the bare minimum. Assuming all segments within one ethnic group are the same sets your strategy up to fall flat. This is now your agency’s opportunity to utilize nuanced, human-level multicultural segmentation and drive client growth. Are you ready to get started?

Want to learn more? Your next move is downloading the Alma case study examining their successful pitch with a nationwide wellness brand.

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