Targeting Supreme Court Priorities

The Supreme Court nomination process has rocked the midterm elections. But if you were there in 2016, you’re prepared for late game surprises – the ones with the potential to swing elections and demand on-the-fly strategy changes.

At Resonate, we operate in real-time. We have immediately deployable models for online voter targeting, refreshed nightly to account for the shifts and issues of the day, we ensure campaigns stay relevant and armed with battle-tested data to win in the toughest political climates.

For example, two of the thousands of voter audiences refreshed in our platform last night are likely midterm voters who either support or oppose the appointment of fiscally and socially conservative judges to the Supreme Court. Here’s a quick look at where these two segments stand today.

Likely midterm voters who support appointing fiscally and socially conservative judges to the Supreme Court:

  • Audience size: 35.1 Million
  • Top 3 Supreme Court policies: protect gun rights, further pro-life issues, protect workers’ rights to opt out of a union
  • Driven by a devotion to God and sense of civility – value conformity and reputation
  • 50% more likely to vote based on an important societal or political issue this year
  • 96% more likely to be 65 years or older
  • 44% more likely to vote for a candidate based on their defense/military platform

Likely midterm voters who oppose appointing fiscally and socially conservative judges to the Supreme Court:

  • Audience size: 32.2 Million
  • Top 3 Supreme Court policies: enact gun control, further pro-choice policies, allow unions to collect dues from non-joining workers
  • Driven by expressing individuality and proving competence and skills
  • 133% more likely to have their vote influenced by the newspapers the read
  • 87% more likely to vote absentee
  • 117% more likely to be most passionate about promoting civil liberties

*insights compared to the average U.S. voter.

It’s real-time insights like these that provide a clear view of the voters on both sides of what has become the most important issue in the midterm elections in the final month. With each audience exceeding 30 million likely midterm voters, outreach and engagement strategies to sympathetic voters will prove critical from now until Election Day. If your campaign needs to immediately activate either of these audiences, or another critical voter segment, contact Resonate’s Campaign Hotline today.


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