Thanksgiving 2020: Who’s Doing the Dishes?

With a smaller group around the table this year, what can CPG companies expect when it comes to the cleaning products that Thanksgiving hosts are most likely to purchase?

We looked at those consumers most likely to buy products specific to the Thanksgiving season and analyzed their attitudes, habits, and purchasing drivers around cleaning up.

Who’s Driving the Thanksgiving 2020 Gatherings?

When we look at the consumers who are most likely to buy products for Thanksgiving celebrations, we have a group of which 30% are between 45 and 54 years old and nearly 70% are female. 26% are retired while 12% are homemakers and another 12% work part-time.

These consumers who are eager to purchase Thanksgiving products are a tolerant group who value safety and duty. They look to earn respect and trust from others — and it sounds like they might be trying to prove just how well they carve that turkey 😉.

thanksgiving 2020 - thanksgiving cleaning product purchasers - thanksgiving CPG

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, November 2020


What could their Thanksgiving table look like? 36% have children over 18 who have moved out, while another 27% have children still living at home. 55% have others in their household beyond their partner or spouse, which could include parents or other family members. So, while 52% of this group plans on spending the 2020 holiday season with only their immediate family, that could mean a group including multiple children, parents, and others. Additionally, 48% plan on celebrating the holiday season with friends, family, and others in their community beyond their immediate family.

Since the coronavirus pandemic is coloring everything we do this holiday season, let’s look at these consumers’ attitudes around social distancing. A majority of this group is social distancing to a large extent, though it seems they are on par with the average consumer in terms of their precautions around quarantine and social distancing. 58% feel safe traveling within their state and 37% feel safe traveling to a different state.

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, November 2020

What do Turkey Lovers Look for in Cleaning Products?

So, on to the CPG issue at hand: who’s doing the dishes and what are they looking for in their cleaning products as they wipe up gravy spills and tackle cranberry stains?

62% clean the dining room regularly and 61% clean the kitchen once a week or more

When asked what cleaning tasks they perform around the home:

  • 49% clean stainless steel appliances (42% more likely than average consumer)
  • 92% dust (39% more likely than average consumer)
  • 88% clean glass (38% more likely than average consumer)
  • 58% clean the oven (22% more likely than average consumer)
  • 93% clean the countertops (22% more likely than average consumer)

And what products do they use regularly when they’re cleaning?

  • 78% use all-purpose cleaner
  • 58% use disinfectant wipes
  • 46% use bleach
  • 52% use floor cleaner
  • 59% use glass cleaner
  • Only 8% use metal polish/cleaner

84% purchase products based on where they’ll find the best price or the best sale

Additionally, they’re 47% more likely to buy products that are dependable than the average consumer, 83% more likely to buy products that are enjoyable, and 72% more likely to buy products that are trustworthy. Think how your brand can send a message that your cleaning product works consistently and effectively, while also keeping your marketing creative upbeat and fun — perhaps focusing on the joy and togetherness of the season rather than the task at hand.

thanksgiving 2020 - thanksgiving cleaning product purchasers - thanksgiving CPG

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, November 2020


Meanwhile, these consumers do not care about products that are innovative, luxurious, sustainable, or unique, so leave this messaging for another audience, another holiday.

Connecting with Thanksgiving Product Purchasers

If you’re a CPG cleaning product brand looking to get your marketing in front of Thanksgiving hosts, you need to know where they consume media. The data shows that 77% watch TV through a standard TV, while 33% look to streaming services. 81% report light or medium social media usage, though you’re 60% more likely to find them on Pinterest than you would the average consumer.

Where CPG brands can find a real connection with this audience is through magazines. They’re 251% more likely than the average consumer to read Family Circle and we see high numbers for other home and family-oriented magazines, including Woman’s Day, Good Housekeeping, and Better Homes & Gardens.

thanksgiving 2020 - thanksgiving cleaning product purchasers - thanksgiving CPG

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, November 2020


So, as a CPG marketer, when you look to reach this audience of consumers celebrating Thanksgiving and buying products specific to the holiday, consider how you can emphasize sales, cost-effective options, and dependable products. Emphasize the connection to home and joy, even in a bizarre, socially distanced year. And, don’t forget to tap into the values that drive these consumers: safety, tolerance, and duty. How can your Thanksgiving cleaning product marketing keep in mind a safe celebration that welcomes all?

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