The 2022 Midterm Voter Landscape: Uncovering and Targeting Political Factions

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On a good day, political campaigns navigate endless news cycles, a splintered media environment, and an increasingly polarized public. But the current complex political climate is even more challenging 

With broad intraparty political factions on both sides, many potential supporters are missed using fixed static models—and many more fall through the cracks of the legacy profile matching process at the ad-tech level. But there’s a solution: You can upgrade your programmatic targeting using hyper-relevant, real-time local insights and better online segmentation.  

That’s why campaign media strategists turn to Resonate. 

Helping Political Campaigns Navigate the 2022 Midterm Voter Landscape 

We recently released a comprehensive analysis of the sentiment, intent, motivations, and values of American voters who will determine the results of the 2022 midterm elections. Using AI and machine learning-based research, we uncovered 10 voter segments political campaigns need to target and engage to win the midterms.  

Today, we’ll show you how seemingly similar members of a party can be uniquely engaged in this election cycle using our AI-powered voter intelligence.  

Comparing Political Factions for the 2022 Midterm Elections with Resonate Voter Data

Download the infographic here. 

Leverage Resonate’s AI-Driven Midterm Voter Segments Right Now 

Resonate’s AI-driven 2022 Midterm Voter Landscape uncovers 10 key voter segments you’ll see at the polls this November. These segments provide a deeper, more personalized understanding of the electorate. They are a quick, nuanced way to capture and understand different political factions within the three main parties.  

But how can this data provide immediate value for you and your clients in the remaining weeks leading up to the election? 

When you need to move quickly and don’t have time to come up with the right custom segment, these pre-built segments, ready for same-day activation, are significantly more nuanced than trying to appeal to all Democrats or all Republicans.  

Another way these segments can prove extremely useful is when working backward from existing digital campaigns. If you share your creative with our experienced team of political campaign strategists, they can make data-driven recommendations to ensure your dollars are well spent. They’ll guide you on which segment(s) would be most receptive and even have your campaign running on the most effective digital channels before you finish your lunch. 

Think you’re out of time to ensure your campaign wins this election season? Think again. Get a complimentary strategy review with Resonate to get started and see for yourself how we can help you drive more effective campaigns using our proprietary AI-powered data for better digital voter targeting. 

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