The Best Marketing and Ad Campaigns Grow From the Best Data

fresh consumer data

You need the freshest consumer data to activate high-performing campaigns and deliver the best results.

 Access Farm-to Table Data with Resonate

One of our favorite analogies here at Resonate is looking at the data that powers a campaign in the same way that you would think of produce in a farm-to-table meal. If you want the best meal, you need the freshest produce. And, if you want the highest performing marketing and ad campaigns, you need the freshest data.

The most effective brand awareness and conversion campaigns rely on dynamic data that’s continuously refreshed and delivered immediately prior to launch. That’s why Resonate uses the proprietary National Consumer Survey to reveal over 13,000 AI powered insights on over 200 million U.S. consumers. These insights reveal the who, what, when, where and why on your consumers and prospects.

These farm-to-table insights live within the Resonate Ignite Platform and, when you onboard your first-, second- or third- party data, you gain access to an amplified understanding of your consumers that will help you building winning campaigns.

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