Things Are Changing Fast. Is Your Political Ad Campaign Prepared to Adapt?

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COVID-19 and Political Advertising: Make Sure Your Campaign Is Ready to Adapt.

It’s safe to say we live in a different world than we did weeks, or even days, ago. There is so much uncertainty today that the only thing we can say for sure is, things are changing fast.

The effects of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic have not spared the political advertising industry. Uncertainty looms around ad platforms as they try to figure out how to effectively manage messaging around COVID-19.  Google and Twitter both announced bans on any non-governmental messaging referencing the virus and, then, Google back stepped to lift those restrictions. As we continue to sail through these unchartered waters, it is unclear how big-named platforms will choose to manage this situation long term.

We’re Prepared to Adapt to Changes Due to COVID-19 and the Ad Landscape

Navigating your own messaging while adapting to erratic changes from the big digital vendors is a daunting task. It’s important to understand that, while Google and Twitter are household names, they do not wholly represent online ad inventory. If Google decides to restrict COVID-19 content, that does not affect all online publishers. It only affects advertisers who are executing their digital advertising with Google’s DSP, DV360.

There are a wide variety of DSPs that will not only allow COVID-19 content but also enable the precise targeting which Google has unequivocally banned through its DSP. This is one of the reasons we partner across a diverse range of ad platforms at Resonate. We are prepared to react quickly as new policies and restrictions arise. In any climate, we are positioned to swiftly execute campaigns across premium inventory with massive reach and superior targeting.

Power Your Political Ad Campaigns with Targeted Data

At Resonate, we have years of experience managing political campaigns through turbulent, uncertain times and we are here to help you get through this.

In addition, we power your advertising campaigns with the best data. Off the bat, Resonate has more than 1K political data attributes, appended to deterministic registration and turnout voter file data for superior segmentation, targeting and personalized messaging opportunities. And, as Coronavirus capitalizes the minds of our nation, we have specific COVID-19 insights that you can layer on audiences to learn just how their priorities and mindset are changing in this global pandemic. These powerful insights will allow you to uncover your constituent’s shifting values and motivations to strategically message them in ways that will resonate during these unprecedented times. And, you can do this across the digital ecosystem with scale to reach your right constituents at the right time.

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