Tracking the Pulse of Today’s Consumer Across Verticals

Tracking the Pulse of Today’s Consumer Across Verticals

60% of American consumers won’t return to in-store shopping unless the staff is wearing masks and gloves. 75% of consumers are resistant to reopen. And 16% of consumers are increasing their spending during the pandemic.

Is your brand speaking to these consumer groups in a way that connects with where they are right now?

Following the Roller Coaster of Consumer Sentiment During the Pandemic

We’ve been closely tracking consumer sentiment since the first weeks of the pandemic in the United States. We’ve watched consumers go from extreme anxiety to a sense of acceptance and cautious optimism, and then surge back into concern as months of uncertainty to drag on. We know that the way different consumers felt last week about reopening and precautions doesn’t reflect their sentiment today.

The news tells you one story. Your friends tell you another. Resonate’s AI-driven data gets at what consumers are really thinking – it gets at the granular, human element that defines the why behind customer decisions right now.

Connect with Your Customers and Prospects on a Deeper Level

Resonate’s latest data, Tracking the Pulse of Today’s Consumer, gets into the real-time values, motivations, behaviors and drivers impacting consumer decisions across verticals as a result of both the coronavirus pandemic and current events. In the report, we dive into sentiment on retail, travel, personal finance, gathering, politics, BLM and Facebook.

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