[Video] What Are Cookies? 5 Cookieless Terms You Need to Know

what are cookies

Cookies are going away, but what are cookies? What is a FLOC? Who’s playing in the privacy sandbox? 

As we continue to refine and evolve Resonate’s Privacy-Preserving Insights Solution to prepare for the cookieless world, debuting in January 2022, we’ve realized there are lots of questions out there. Even the most tech-savvy marketers are craving some explain-it-to-me-like-I’m-5 clarity around the terms that are thrown out each time we read a breaking news story on the cookie apocalypse.

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This video is the first in a series we’re launching which will break down the cookieless world in a way that’s easy to understand for marketers, sales people, developers, and engineers alike. No matter your role, you’re likely going to be affected by the demise of cookies — and we want you to be prepared. We feel confident in our approach to even stronger, privacy-safe data and we’re going to extend that confidence to our customers. Look to us for easy-to-understand videos on frequently asked questions, data implications, and more.

Watch Now: What Are Cookies? 5 Cookieless Terms You Need to Know

John Bryson, Principal Software Engineer here at Resonate, did the honors of walking us through the 5 key cookieless terms you need to know over the course of the next year. From the most basic definition of cookies to more nuanced terms like FLOC and fledge, John gets us up to speed on the words that matter in a privacy-safe world.

We’ve answered your burning questions like, what are cookies?, but now you may be wondering how Resonate could set you up for success in a post-cookie world. Request a demo today to learn more — and get a peek at the deep, granular insights we have on your customers.

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