[Watch Now] Drive More Valuable Consumer Relationships Through AI-Powered Segmentation

Flat demographics are useful…for putting your customers into large buckets that tell you nothing deeper than gender, age, and location. But you want to go deeper. You want to target your customers with meaningful, relevant messaging that inspires deeper brand loyalty and love. You want to build a customized connection that keeps customers returning and increases their lifetime value. To do that, you need to leverage next-level segmentation — you need the AI-driven Resonate Ignite Platform™.

Imagine this: instead of looking at two segments of twenty-something men, you’re looking at two segments of twenty-something men, one who values creativity, is looking to buy a car in 6 months, travel 6 times a year, and is headed home for the holidays. The other is engaged, in graduate school, values safety and security, works out every day, and plans on renovating his home. If you had segments on that level, think about how it could change your personalization. Watch the video below for a 60-second glimpse at what we mean.

Want to learn even more about how stronger AI-powered segmentation builds stronger consumer relationships, which in turn leads to increased loyalty, more valuable interactions, and overall brand growth? Read our 5-minute Guide to Leveraging AI-Driven Segmentation today.

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