We Asked Voters: Do You Trust Facebook Political Ads?

We Asked Voters: Do You Trust Facebook Political Ads?

Almost 80% of Voters Are Probably Skeptical of Your Facebook Campaign Ads

So, with that info, shown below, in mind, how are you feeling about campaign strategy right about now?

We Asked Voters: Do You Trust Facebook Political Ads?

You have to consider whether your targeted voters trust Facebook as a source of news and information, whether they trust political ads they’re served through Facebook and whether Facebook has a responsibility to suppress fake news and information – or whether that’s up to the user to discern. These are burning questions and they will have huge implications in 2020.

Your campaign needs to keep a finger on the pulse of current voter sentiment and how it will affect your advertising, targeting and more. You can’t operate under the same assumptions that drove 2016. This is a new advertising landscape and voters are savvier than ever before.

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