What AI Reveals about Persuadable Gen Z Voters for the 2024 Election

Who will win the 2024 presidential election in November?

That’s the question on everybody’s minds, and there’s no clear answer yet.

In our recent report Behind the Polls: What You Need to Know About AI for the 2024 Election, we examined two segments of audiences that are going to be crucial to clinching a victory: persuadable Democrat and persuadable Republican voters. The powerful capabilities of fresh, Resonate AI-powered data allowed us to look beyond demographics and take a deeper dive into the motivations and values that are driving these voters, as well as issues campaign managers should pay attention to when crafting messaging that will not only effectively target these voters, but sway them to a particular side.

Gaining a better understanding of voters—especially the persuadable ones—is key to winning this election. And this is where AI comes in: Our AI data engine, rAI, provides the foundation for understanding why voters make the decisions they make and which issues they’re undecided about—and therefore persuadable on.

Let’s take a look at an influential segment, 5M persuadable Gen Z voters, to see the power of rAI in action.

Voting Trends Among Persuadable Gen Zers

A significant number of Gen Zers—eight million—will be turning 18 this year. Depending on when they register to vote, they may not be captured in the voter file, leaving you without any voting history information to rely on. Resonate has a unique ability to segment newly registered voters as recent as in the last six months. Our tools empower you to target Gen Z voters effectively and successfully.

Now, let’s look at the voting trends rAI reveals for this segment. Such trends will be useful as you prepare to target this audience; for many of them, it’s the first presidential election they’ll be eligible to vote in.

In elections where they have voted previously, rAI reveals the persuadable Gen Z segment has exhibited diverse and unconventional voting behaviors, including a lack of consistent party loyalty. In fact, they’re far more likely than voters in other groups to have been a swing voter or to have voted for a third party in previous elections.

Furthermore, their political views are not aligned with either major party consistently. They have shown opposition to both Democratic and Republican values and policies in recent elections.

Issues Persuadable Gen Z Voters Can Be Swayed On

Now let’s turn to this segment’s views on environmental, social, and political issues and look at where they might be able to be swayed.

Persuadable Gen Z voters care about social justice issues, such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+ rights, prison reform, and women’s rights. Similarly, they demonstrate concern for mental health issues and support for companies that show themselves to have a high level of mental health awareness and contribute to resources.

This segment also tends to have liberal views about immigration, which has become a hot-button issue among voters across the board in this election. Interestingly, they’re less likely to support those brands that have taken a stand against Russia through actions like closing all their locations across that country.

Housing is a major concern of persuadable Gen Z voters—-specifically, not being able to afford housing. Across the country, the cost of rent and the price of homes have skyrocketed, leaving people who are just starting out, like Gen Z, with the impossible choice of having to try to save enough money for a down payment on a house while living with their parents or paying high rent and being unable to save for a home of their own. Importantly, this isn’t really a subject any candidates are discussing right now. Since it resonates with Gen Z so heavily, campaign managers who work to include this in a candidate’s platform would attract at least the attention—if not the votes—of persuadable Gen Zers.

Where You Can Reach These Voters

So, where should you funnel your political campaign budget? Resonate AI-powered data shows that, unsurprisingly, persuadable Gen Z voters are extremely engaged online; they pay a lot of attention to digital and social media. They’re frequent users of platforms like Discord, Snapchat, and Instagram and actively use streaming services like Spotify and Netflix. Furthermore, they tend to opt for the subscriptions that come “with ads,” which gives you an opportunity to target them whenever and wherever they’re watching when you activate this audience using Resonate CTV.

One place you won’t find many of them: traditional news outlets. Persuadable Gen Z voters show little interest in the news and current events and rarely use news apps or watch news programs to stay updated. Instead, they tend to rely more on debates, friends & family and social media as sources of information they use to make political decisions.

Resonate is the leader in AI-powered voter intelligence. We have expertise in building and fine-tuning detailed data models and a decade’s worth of data that we use to target voters and make predictions about elections. Additionally, we also offer white-glove campaign management services to help you more effectively implement, target, and run political marketing campaigns. When you think about partners you want on your side in the election, you want to talk to the people who really know AI. You want to talk to Resonate.

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