Why Are Amazon Prime Shoppers So Damn Loyal?

Amazon Prime Day Shoppers

Amazon Prime Day has become the biggest retail event of the summer for shoppers, and Prime members have access to thousands of deals for 48 hours, up from last year’s 36-hour bonanza. The total number of shoppers is expected to grow by 13% year over year, and 56% of them are expected to spend even more this year, according to eMarketer.

During last year’s Prime Day, the ecommerce giant sold $4.19 billion worth of goods, up $2.41 billion from 2017. So who are these highly dedicated Amazon Prime members who come out in droves every year to take advantage of one of the biggest events in online retail history? And what makes them so damn loyal? We tapped into our consumer insights platform to find out.

Meet Perry the Prime Member. They’re older Gen Xers who are married with multiple kids living at home and a full-time job, which is probably why they’d prefer to do their shopping online. Perry fulfills obligations, obeys rules and is self-disciplined and organized. Perry also accepts and understands those who are different and appreciates creativity. They’re driven by proving their own competence, nurturing romantic love and feeling respected by others.

On the weekends you can find Perry at the movies, watching TV or hiking. Here’s what Perry’s daily routine entails: having a physically active family, keeping work and life separate and valuing work beyond income.

Their top factor in deciding where to shop is if there’s a loyalty program, which makes sense given what loyal shoppers they are and their interest in good deals. They also care about the brand’s reputation and the quality of customer service. Amazon clearly knows their customer, as these are all things they pride themselves on.

When it comes to corporate responsibility, Perry prefers companies that treat their employees fairly, support the community and are honest and trustworthy. Amazon’s Smile program allows its customers to support various causes by purchasing a product, which is likely to the delight of their customers.

They also stay loyal when they’re not shopping. Perry likes to follow brands on social media, download retailer apps, wants to be the first to know about or buy a product and wants to receive messages from brands  via text over other channels like phone calls or emails.

Perry even compares prices of products via mobile while shopping at brick-and-mortars. Now that’s true a bargain hunter. They prefer retailers with an easy return policy and responsive staff. With Amazon, returns are free and they make it easy to chat with an online representative, keeping the values of their customers top of mind.

Perry is loyal beyond Amazon’s e-commerce site. Their top streaming service is Prime Video, their top retailer is Whole Foods, and ironically, their favorite TV show is Superstore. They spend 20-40 hours a week online and make their purchases on a tablet or mobile phone.

What might these shoppers buy on Prime Day? According to Resonate’s insights, they’re looking to buy home office furniture, sports and fitness equipment and a home audio system in the next few months. They also plan to make major home renovations and buy a major home appliance within the next year. In the past, tech household items such as the Robot Vacuum, the Dyson V8 and Instant Pot have proven to be popular Prime Day purchases.

So why are they so dedicated to shopping on Amazon, not just on Prime Day but all the time? Amazon knows who their shoppers are. Not only do they understand their purchase history, shopping behaviors and their preferred channels, but they have a holistic view of who their customer is, beyond basic demographics. They know what they value when they shop, what makes them tick and work to deliver on those needs and desires.

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