Winning Wisconsin: Uncovering Niche Voter Segments in the Badger State

In 2016, Trump walked away with Wisconsin, and by doing so, he cleared his path to the White House. Just four years later, Wisconsin broke for Biden by less than one percent. When speaking about Wisconsin’s critical role in the midterms at a Milwaukee rally this past weekend, Ted Cruise reflected, “It has been a perennial purple state. It is a battleground. The road to a Senate majority comes through Wisconsin.”

With the primary just around the corner, precision voter targeting and messaging will be critical in the final weeks. In an environment as volatile as Wisconsin, where less than a percentage point can decide winners and losers, being surgical with voter intelligence and engagement is everything.   

That’s why at Resonate, we scaled our 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape to Wisconsin, allowing our AI to identify niche, decisive Democratic and Republican primary niche voter segments based on the insights that are actually informing their candidate choices TODAY in the current political environment.   

This data goes far beyond just party affiliation or historical behavior, so campaigns can accurately analyze and target consequential segments with precision in the final days. 

The Wisconsin Dependable Democrats  

Resonate has identified 324k Dependable Democrats in Wisconsin. What makes this niche online Democratic voter segment different from your average Wisconsin Democrat online?   

For starters, they’re almost 50% more likely to vote in a midterm election than your average democrat.  

The Dependable Democrat is a frequent voter in Wisconsin, and votes cycle after cycle. They skew older and more traditional than your average Democrat in the state, specifically when it comes to issues like foreign policy, the economy, and immigration.

Think of your Dependable Democrats as the type of old-school liberals who can make or break elections in Rust Belt states like Wisconsin. These aren’t your protestors, partisan warriors, or online mudslingers. These are lifetime Democrats who are worried about national security (domestic and foreign), fringe groups, divisiveness, jobs, and the environment. If you’re a Rust Belt campaign on the left this year, don’t miss the Dependable Democrat.    

Wisconsin Red-Meat Republicans    

For Republican primary campaigns heading down the stretch, it may be best to tap a niche voter segment that helped make Wisconsin the game-winner in 2016 – Red-Meat Republicans.   

This primary season, Resonate has identified 272k Red-Meat Republicans in Wisconsin. Our AI-driven data clearly shows significant differences in the values and physiological drivers amongst this niche online segment compared to your average Wisconsin Republican online.

Consider that Wisconsin Red-Meat Republicans are over 100% more likely to value maintaining traditions, 76% more likely to value safety in their communities and nation, and 46 more likely to be motivated by the freedom to determine their own actions. 

Consider that 80% of this entire segment is likely to vote in this year’s midterms, and compared to your average Republican, the Red-Meat Republican is 56% more likely to cast a vote!


When compared to your average Wisconsin Republican, this high-turnout conservative segment is over 50% more likely to care about culture war issues like supporting pro-life policies, defending traditional marriage, or illegal immigration. 

When it comes to choosing candidates, the Red-Meat Republican is looking for politicians who promise to drive down government spending, balance the budget and enact conservative tax policies. 

With some real competitive Republican primaries on the docket this August, Wisconsin campaigns will need to engage and persuade this ultra-conservative segment in the final weeks on the issues that mean the most. 

Interested in learning more about the Wisconsin Dependable Democrats, the Red-Meat Republicans, or other niche voter segments that will directly impact upcoming primaries?  Download your copy of the 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape


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