How to Win the Battle for Hearts and Minds

Hyper-relevant data for the most precise online targeting and personalized messaging strategy

Our roots run deep. We’ve delivered targeted digital media for thousands of campaigns from Presidential races to local ballot initiatives. Resonate can help your campaign understand demographics, policy issues, prior voter behaviors, candidate support and the personal values and motivations that win the hearts and minds of voters. Our voter intelligence solution enables you to build, model, analyze, validate and activate an audience across all digital screens in real-time. Our highly experienced customer service team understands the unique needs of political and advocacy advertisers and will help you rapidly deploy digital campaigns targeted to the voters you need to win.

Politics Advocacy Hero

Hyper-relevant Insights Specific to Your Cause

Political Organizations

Political Organizations

Resonate’s unique survey-based, AI-driven insights transform how political campaigns identify, analyze, target, and communicate with voters individually at scale.

Advocacy Groups

Advocacy Groups

Predictive, real-time analytics immediately identify and target people who care about your issue beyond your traditional list of supporters.



Deep and actionable insights help you identify, target and sway key influencers who are engaged with a specific cause or issue.

Resonate Is Your One-stop-shop For:

Fast answers, deep understanding of any voting audience down to the CD level

Better segmentation for more impactful, personalized messaging

More precise voter targeting at scale across CTV, OTT, Pre-Roll, Display, Social

Using Thousands of Individual Voter-level, First-party Resonate Attributes, Including:

Politician speaking

Positions on Hot Topics & Issues

COVID (mandates, vaccines, etc.)


Healthcare & Drug Costs

Critical Race Theory

2nd Amendment vs Gun Control

Cancel Culture/Wokeness

Voting Rights & Election Fraud

Climate Change & Energy

LGBTQ+ Rights vs Traditional Marriage

Disinformation & The Mainstream Media


Values & Motivations

Security in Nation and Sense of Community

Acceptance of Those who are Different

Maintain Traditions

Obey Law and Obligations

Trust from Others


Environmental Conservation

Everyone Treated Equality

Desire to Exhibit Creativity and Express Individuality


2022 Intent & Prior Behavior

Defector Republicans

Trump & Allies Base

AOC Liberals vs Biden Moderates

Voted in 2020 to Give Control of Congress to Democratic and/or Resist Trump

Single Issue Voters

Apathetic Americans


Resonate Helps Political and Advocacy Organizations Achieve Results

40% favorability lift towards issue ad concepts with legislative influencers
30% increase in candidate-friendly activity amongst online target audience of 240,000 voters
60% increase in social media CTR amongst Independent voters

“Resonate stands alone in their ability to accurately identify, understand and target niche political influencers inside and outside of D.C. “

- MEC Global



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