New Data Shows Who Supports Changes to Climate & Energy Policy

The war in Ukraine continues to drive up energy prices for average Americans. That, combined with the derailment of a Norfolk Southern train in Ohio (and even more recently in Pittsburgh), has pushed energy production, environmental safety and climate change to the forefront. These issues cannot be ignored by political and advocacy strategists. 

Importantly, strategists must understand that these concerns are bi-partisan – at least among the American public – defying the split that has hindered progress for decades. 

Resonate Data offers deep insight into how voters perceive different types of energy production methods — from clean to not-so-clean — and their views on climate-change regulations, pipelines, fracking and other related topics. Our models constantly track this data and are refreshed continuously to ensure that campaigns don’t miss crucial opportunities during the policymaking process. 

Resonate AI-driven behavioral models have identified that there are: 

  • nearly 15 million voters online who are passionate supporters of fossil fuel production and the development of new pipelines.  
  • nearly 13 million voters online who are passionately opposed to fossil fuel production and the development of new pipelines.

The savvy campaigner knows that there’s a major opportunity to drive lasting change by engaging these potential supporters.  

But you need to know who they really are, and the people in these audiences may actually surprise you.  

We conducted a deep analysis of these segments in our most recent Insights Report: EPA Regulations to show you what you need to know. 

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