[Report] 3 Keys for 2021 Bank Marketing Success, 4 Audiences to Target

:et’s talk 2021 bank marketing. We’re almost one quarter into the year and it’s time to step back and assess whether our annual plans have set us up for success. With banking customers moving online in record numbers, privacy changes looming on the horizon, fintech companies becoming more disruptive, and consumers feeling an overall sense of anxiety about the future, how can you ensure you’re at the forefront of new customer acquisition, expansion, and retention? How do you know who to connect with for the best ROI on your marketing dollars?

2021 bank marketing

In our 2021 Bank Marketer’s Playbook, we’ll introduce you to four hyper-targeted customer groups and walk you through exactly how to message in a way that resonates with them.

How do you know who they are? The Resonate Ignite Platform™ uncovers a human-level, 360-degree view of both your customers and prospects (yes, your competitor’s customers) using your existing first- and third-party data, and enriching it with our 13,000+ attributes on over 200 million American consumers.

Meet Four Customers to Ignite Your 2021 Bank Marketing

The playbook will go in-depth on the values, preferences, motivations, and drivers that inform every decision these customers make and here’s a sneak preview on just one aspect of their decision making.

CUSTOMER ONE: The Customers Who Are Dissatisfied with Their Bank

Top considerations for choosing a bank:

  • 82% want a traditional bank
  • 55% want free checking
  • 33% look for convenience of branches
  • 30% look for convenience of ATMs

CUSTOMER TWO: Under-44 Bank Switchers Who Do Not Bank with Wells Fargo

Top considerations for choosing a bank:

  • 33% want to see availability of online banking
  • 30% want to see availability of mobile banking
  • 28% look for convenience of ATMs
  • 25% want a bonus for opening an account

CUSTOMER THREE: The Customers Who Think It’s Not a Hassle to Switch Banks

Top considerations for choosing a bank:

  • 56% want free checking
  • 44% want to see availability of mobile banking
  • 33% want access to a credit union
  • 24% look for interest rates on deposits

CUSTOMER FOUR: Bank of America Customers Considering Switching Banks

Top considerations for choosing a bank:

  • 32% cite no ATM fees
  • 27% want to see availability of mobile banking
  • 27% look for a good reputation of a bank
  • 18% look for low interest rates on loans

In the 2021 Bank Marketer’s Playbook, you’ll go deep on the values that drive these specific customers and the specific, actionable strategies that you can use to connect with them for acquisition, expansion, and retention.

And, if you’d like to see the impact this data could have when it’s your own customers, request a demo today for an interactive walkthrough of the power of the Ignite Platform. It’s just a 15-minute commitment that could make or break your 2021 bank marketing plan.


2021 bank marketer's playbook

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