Nailed It! Analyzing Peloton’s New Holiday Ad and Why It Works, Backed by Data

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Are we having a holly, jolly holiday? We’re trying our very best, but inflation continues to curb consumers’ holiday shopping habits. From a 24% spike in consumers going into debt to accommodate higher costs to 46% switching brands in search of lower prices, we are seeing a more cautiously merry response this holiday season (Source: Resonate Recent Events Consumer Flash Study, Wave 33). 

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As consumers tighten their holiday budgets but look for reprieve in the media they consume, marketers across industries are adapting their messaging to reflect the times we’re living in now. One brand that is responding to the times this holiday season with its messaging is Peloton. Let’s dive into Resonate’s always-fresh data to find out if the brand’s holiday commercial was a hit (or a miss) with consumers. 

Is the Peloton Effect Resonating with Future Peloton Customers?

In this commercial spot, a couple works out on their respective Peloton equipment before the husband receives a message from his mother stating that his parents are unexpectedly on their way. The two get to work preparing food, decorating the tree, and wrapping presents as miniature versions of their Peloton trainers encourage them every step of the way until the family arrives.

Resonate models found 5.3 million in-market consumers who are looking to purchase a Peloton bike in the next 12 months. When looking at the Audience Introduction Report inside the Resonate Ignite Platform, we can see a quick breakdown of this segment’s demographics, values, psychological drivers, hobbies, and daily routines. 

Audience Introduction Report | Future Peloton Customers

(Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, December 2022)


The daily routine of our future Peloton customers only involves being physically active with family but also making family time the best part of their day, two things the ad reflects. This audience is also driven by recognition from their peers, proving their competence, and living an exciting life. The miniature instructors cheer the Peloton protagonists as they successfully meet a challenging timeline to host their family members, checking off every single one of their top psychological drivers. 

How Peloton Nails Values-Driven Messaging  

To build deep consumer relationships, you can’t rely on flat demographics. You need to go deeper, drilling down to the core values that make a consumer human. For that, Resonate platform users can use the Personal Values Report.

The Personal Values report explains the why behind people’s everyday decisions. We call this the Human Element, a holistic understanding of a person that starts with what makes us the most human: our values. This report gives you an understanding of which personal values are important to the people who make up your target audience.

Personal Values Report Peloton In-Market Buyers

(Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, December 2022)


The commercial starts with our Peloton users hearing their virtual instructors say things like, “step into your power” and “you didn’t come to work out; you came to outwork.” These future Peloton customers want to seem authoritative and be seen as influential. They are more likely to have high self-confidence and to be motivated by solving challenging problems. Another one of their top values is the desire to live a life of adventure consisting of novel, stimulating, and surprising challenges and experiences. There’s a sense of adventure in the unexpected and meeting tight deadlines, no? Even in the comfort of their home, there’s a sense of excitement reflected in the commercial as their tiny coaches cheer them on to make it just in time for their relatives’ arrival.

One thing this commercial doesn’t mention is that All-Access Membership to Peloton’s virtual classes is included in its rent-a-bike and bike+ programs. 48% of in-market Peloton buyers have never had a membership in their daily routine and may see value due to the membership’s $44/month cost.

We’re just scratching the surface of what’s in our consumer intelligence platform. Talk to us if you’re interested in uncovering richer insights (including buying and churn signals) on your target audience.

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