Connecting with Consumers Using Personal Values

To build deep consumer relationships, you can’t rely on flat demographics. You need to go deeper, drilling down to the core values that make a human human. Resonate uses Dr. Shalom Schwartz’s 19 basic personal values to determine what informs a person’s innermost decisions. This personal value structure has been found to be cross-culturally stable and has been proven to be consistent with purchase outcomes.  Anytime you build an audience within the Resonate, you have access to the values report, which shows which values drive that consumer — and which don’t. These values are critical to help you connect with customers and prospects in a way that’s both authentic for you and authentic to the values that drive those consumers. Particularly in a time when many people expect brands to take a values-driven stand, you want to find the balance between representing your brand’s culture and doing so in a way that builds brand engagement and loyalty (read: drives revenue). 


With this sample audience, we see that they are driven by authority. In fact, they’re 54% more likely than the average consumer to value being in charge and directing people. They want to take risks, see rewards, they have high self-confidence, and they seek to be in control. On the opposite end of the spectrum, they don’t value security. What does security entail? A sense of social order and national safety. These sound like they could be two sides of the same coin, but it’s a nuance that is important in messaging. They care less about the sense of order and security within the larger community, and more with their own social influence. Your creative and messaging should reflect that need for command and assertion.

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Let’s see what personal values could reveal in your own audience. Request a demo today and we can uncover the drivers that inform your consumers’ everyday decisions and behaviors. What you learn might surprise you — and it will definitely take your messaging to a new and resonant level.


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