3 Quick Facts About the Big Box Back-to-School Shopper

Are you ready to connect with the big box back-to-school shopper as they head back to the classroom? Some students haven’t sat at an in-person desk in well over a year and there’s a mix of eagerness and anxiety as consumers stock up on school supplies.

As a brand marketer, how do you connect with these shoppers? How do you ensure that they spend their back-to-school dollars with you — and not the competitor down the street. We looked at big box back-to-school shoppers in the Resonate Ignite Platform™, defined as those who have shopped with Target or Walmart in the past three months, to dig into their values, drivers, and motivations. These are the deep, granular insights you need to win a customer’s business, particularly when they can buy the same notebook from multiple retailers.

3 Quick Facts About the Big Box Back-to-School Shoppers

In the Back-to-School Guide: The ABCs of Growing Revenue report, you go through a five-period crash course on these consumers, but, today, we’re giving you a pop quiz-worthy peek at back-to-school shoppers who shop in big-box stores.

  1. 43% believe schools should be open for in-person learning
  2. They are 17% more likely than the average consumer to value maintaining traditions
  3. They prefer products that are family-friendly and innovative

These are real-time data points that can inform your product development, customer experience, messaging, creative, and more.

Learn More About Big Box Back-to-School Shoppers

Want to learn more about the big box back-to-school shopper, plus, how you can navigate a certain Prime behemoth threatening to keep shoppers at their computers and out of stores? Download the full guide to learn:

  • Where back-to-school shoppers stand on the pandemic, vaccination, and the impact that has on schooling
  • The values and motivations that drive these shoppers in their everyday lives and how that affects their shopping behaviors
  • The buying preferences that should inform your messaging, offers, and more
  • Where you’ll find these shoppers offline and online across channels including streaming and OTT

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Download the full report to make sure your back-to-school strategies align with consumers.

Is your data deep and fresh enough to garner insights like these?

Whether you’re a retailer looking to increase in-store traffic and online conversion, or a product-focused company looking to drive sales through increased personalization, these data points provide powerful signals. You need real-time data to inform how you identify your next customer, how to speak to them in a way that resonates, and across the media channels that are most effective. Interested? Request a demo.

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