3 Quick Tips to Connect With Socially Responsible Investors

Investors focused on financial decisions based on a greater good grows each year and, whether you’re a traditional firm or a robo-advisor, these socially responsible investors need to be top of mind. We looked at the data on American consumers with investment portfolios of $25,000 or more who prioritize consumer decisions based in corporate responsibility. These are three takeaways that stuck with us.

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One: Create a Customized, Personal Experience

These investors are 84% more likely than the average consumer to look for tailored services that will meet their specific investment needs. Additionally, they are 114% more likely to want personal chemistry with their advisor.

Put insights into action: Whether you’re a traditional investment firm or a robo-advisor startup, consider how you can give investors a sense of personal touch and collaboration with their own financial decisions. Even if you’re a robo-advisor, look at how you can implement quarterly or annual check-ins with a living, breathing person that gives the investor a personal connection both to their advisor and the attention being given to their investments. In these personal interactions, don’t just look at the bottom line. Remember, these are investors who prioritize the social good of a company, so they want to see the full picture.

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Two: Give Investors an Opportunity to Make Their Own Decisions

These investors are savvy when it comes to the financial decisions they’re making. They may be conducting their own research on companies they want to align their dollars with, so make sure they have a feeling of autonomy over their investments.

Put insights into action: Create educational content that gives investors the knowledge they need to not only make their own decisions, but make good decisions. Provide investors with information on companies that are making a difference and give them options for where to invest their money.socially responsible investing

Three: Appeal to Their Sense of Security and Duty

These investors are driven by personal values including security, meaning safety in their community and nation, and duty, or obeying laws and fulfilling obligations. With this in mind, it seems that, for them, socially responsibility could expand to anything that protects the world and those around them.

Put insights into action: Don’t forget that what you do has an impact, too. Simply giving investors the opportunity to put their money into companies doing good might not be enough. They may want you to reflect those values, too, and your mission should communicate that if you want to build a lasting relationship.

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If you want to dive deeper into socially responsible investing and the motivations, values, and drivers that could help you connect to your target audience, request a demo today. We’ll pull data on your audience — and your competitor’s.

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