3 Steps Marketers Should Take Today to Prepare for a Privacy-Safe World

As we shared earlier this week, the Colorado Privacy Act is only the latest in a series of state-level privacy regulations that will create a climate of transparency around consumer privacy and data. This is a sign that the privacy tides are changing even though Google’s deprecation of third-party cookies has been pushed back to 2023.

What does that mean for you? While you and other marketers may have been able to let out a sigh of relief with Google’s delay, preparing for a privacy-safe world still needs to be top of mind. You’ve built an awesome marketing program based on consumer data and you don’t want to see that disappear in an instant as the cookie (eventually) crumbles or gradually as additionally privacy regulations are put into place on a state-by-state basis. You want to know that your segments, targeting, and personalized strategy will

Want to stay up-to-date on Resonate’s plan to ensure strong, fresh data in a privacy-safe world? Check out our resource center here.

While this is an ever-evolving situation, we’re working to anticipate and prepare for what could happen next and making sure that our customers are confident in our approach and feel equally ready to face a new marketing landscape. With that in mind, here are three marketers you can take today to prepare for a privacy-safe world.

Three Steps Marketers Can Take Today to Prepare for a Privacy-Safe World

Fact: 52% of Americans believe it’s their responsibility to protect their own privacy. 33% believe they should be doing more to protect their own privacy.

Here’s what you can do to protect your targeted, personalized marketing from everyone protecting their privacy (while still keeping a customer-centric focus on PII!).

  1. Start having conversations with your martech vendors to ensure their strategy is in place. Resonate has always been rooted in deep, privacy-safe data. We knew this day would come and we wanted to be prepared. That’s why we’re being completely transparent with our customers about our strategy. The more straightforward we are, the more at ease they feel with the transition across the marketing universe.
  2. Prioritize access to deep first-party data: Resonate’s unique first-party data set delivers the best of all worlds: human-based, privacy-protected consumer data, scaled to 230 million profiles for immediate activation. Combine that with our existing identity graph and proprietary machine learning algorithms that process billions of daily online events in a privacy-safe way, and you have first-party, future-proof insights that will help you maintain efficiency, reach, and integrity of data. This is the confidence that Resonate customers have in a future of privacy-safe data.
  3. Build customer confidence by placing an emphasis on consumer data transparency: Yes, privacy-safe data can add an obstacle towards personalization, but, when you have a partner who is focused on delivering the strongest, freshest privacy-focused data, you’ll still have personalization at your fingertips, yet you can also emphasize your customer-centric approach to privacy. They’ll feel at ease that you’re respecting their PII and will, in turn, have greater confidence and trust in you.

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