The Colorado Privacy Act: Another Sign of What’s to Come for Marketers

Colorado Privacy Act

The Colorado Privacy Act is passed and it won’t be the last. Here’s how marketers can prepare for a privacy-first future.

Joining California’s Consumer Privacy Act and Virginia’s Consumer Data Protection Act, the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) is only the latest state-level comprehensive consumer privacy legislation. Without federal legislation, states will continue drumming up their own, creating a patchwork landscape. Each will have its own parameters but all boil down to the thread of increasing consumer privacy and transparency around how consumer data is used.

We know the idea of launching digital marketing and advertising efforts while catering to an alphabet soup of restrictions is bone-chilling. So we’re here to help.

Building a privacy-safe path to deep consumer insights and effective engagement

The use of third-party cookies is one of the main targets of privacy legislation, and Google is phasing them out of Chrome in late 2023. Most third-party data providers, like DMPs, use cookie-based data, meaning a lot of the data your team uses to garner insights on your customers and prospects is in jeopardy.

You can’t delay a privacy preparation plan any longer. Take a critical look at your data sources and ask your martech vendors the hard questions — are they prepared for the loss of cookies? How are they preparing their solutions for post-cookie success? Can they still help you drive marketing efforts?

Our continuously updated post-cookie resource center has the tools and information you need to prepare your team for successful privacy-first marketing and advertising.

At Resonate, we always have been and always will be rooted in privacy-safe, human-centric data. That puts us a step ahead of competitors who rely on third-party cookies to inform their insights.

Resonate helps hundreds of brands and agencies understand and engage audiences at scale and in real-time — the loss of the third-party cookie won’t change that. Our AI-driven consumer intelligence platform delivers fresh, proprietary, hyper-relevant market research data down to consumer values and psychological drivers. Leveraging cutting-edge AI infrastructure and proprietary research, our robust data is scaled to describe 230 M U.S. adults. 

The AI-powered Resonate Ignite Platform™ will still update our 13,000+ granular first-party data points nightly, and you’ll still be able to use them to support insight, analytics, activation, and measurement use cases in a cookieless, privacy-compliant manner. Request a demo to get a peek at our data and hear more about our post-cookie capabilities.

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