3 Values-Driven Ways to Connect With Affluent Consumers Who Plan to Adopt a Pet

According to the AI-driven, privacy safe data available within the Resonate Ignite Platform™, 22.5M Americans plan to adopt a pet in the next year. And while affluence alone is not a strong predictor of pet adoption, one segment that continues to be of interest is the 5.9 million affluent pet adopters (income >$100k/yr).

consumers who plan to adopt a pet

Are You a Pet Brand? Tap Into the Values Driving High Value Consumers Who Plan to Adopt a Pet

Here we see that the most affluent pet adopters value quality, safety, and supplies that they consider healthy.

consumers who plan to adopt a pet

While that speaks to product preferences, of equal importance to this highly sought-after group is the type of companies that prefer.

Here you can see that this affluent pet adopter segment are more than 2x more likely to prefer buying their products from companies that donate to charities. They’re less motivated by purchasing from companies that are focused on environmental issues like reducing packaging or energy use.

Incorporating or promoting these kinds of activities in customer acquisition/retention/loyalty efforts would be wise.

consumers who plan to adopt a pet

Finally, we dig deeper into the underlying intrinsic values that are common amongst these affluent pet adopters. Using cross-culturally validated research from on personal values from Dr. Schwartz, we see that these affluent pet adopters are primarily driven by living a life full of excitement and novelty through achievement and acquiring wealth and influence.

consumers who plan to adopt a pet

Want to know more about the values that drive pet owners? Read our blog, The Personal Values of Future Pet Parents in the Pet Adoption Boom.

How Brands Can Use This Pet Adopter Data

This deep, fresh view into the U.S. consumer unlocks great opportunities for brands that can inform retention efforts as well as new customer acquisition, creative strategy, retention/segmentation strategy, etc. and the 5.9M addressable number allows you to deliver the right message quickly and easily to the right people.

Here are a few ways you could think about using this data to connect with affluent Americans who plan to adopt a pet (and are likely going to splurge on all the bells and whistles): 

  • These future pet parents are 2x more likely to support companies that donate to charity. Connect with animal welfare non-profit organizations and consider donating a percentage of proceeds to capture a piece of consumers’ hearts.
  • When connecting with consumers who value living a life of excitement, start with product development. Maybe your ideal consumer is one who’s ready to hit the trail with their new pup. They’ll need hiking and camping gear for Fido. And, in your messaging, prominently feature adventure with man’s best friend by their side.
  • They also value the idea of “healthy” in their product selection. Their pet deserves no less than the best so, if your brand hasn’t already considered organic, natural offerings, now could be the time to add those to your lineup as you market to consumers who plan to adopt a pet.

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