Advocacy Playbook 2021: Where High-Level Advocacy Engagers Stand on Economic Issues

Resonate| Advocacy Playbook 2021: Where Americans Engaged in Advocacy Stand on Economic Issues

Real-time, AI-driven voter intelligence reveal where the most engaged advocates in the U.S. stand on key economic issues

In the first installment of our Advocacy Playbook 2021 series, Advocates of America, we look at current advocacy engagement levels, how many Americans are represented at each level, and dive into the complex profiles of the two most engaged levels. Now, we’re covering where they stand on key issue areas, starting with the economy.

The pandemic’s wide-ranging economic impacts have shifted both Americans’ realities and policy views. Many are struggling to get by and looking to the government for support, and many others are worried too much support could irreparably rock the economic system. To see the change you want on economic issues, you need to know the current sentiment of the most engaged Americans.

In this Advocates of America on Economic Issues data deep dive, we’re looking at where this active group stands on the hottest economic issues of 2021:

  • Expanding unemployment
  • Expanding social safety net policies
  • Increasing the federal minimum wage
  • Tuition-free college
  • Redistribution of wealth
  • Universal basic income
  • Gig workers as employees

Get the data you need to make a difference on economic issues

Find out how many engaged Americans are supporters, opposers, or persuadable on these economic issues – and how to reach them.

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Resonate | Advocacy Playbook 2021: Where Americans Engaged in Advocacy Stand on Economic Issues

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