Advocacy Playbook 2021: Insights on the Most Engaged Advocates in America

Resonate | Meet the Engaged Advocates of America

AI-driven voter intelligence reveals the profile of the most engaged advocates in the U.S.

There’s no time nor money to waste on Americans who just aren’t engaged in issue advocacy. But who exactly are the folks attending rallies, setting up petitions, and penning op-eds? Our real-time, granular insights reveal key insights your campaign needs to change the hearts and minds of the loudest voices in advocacy.

In the first installment of our Advocacy Playbook 2021 series, Advocates of America takes a data deep dive into:

  • The five engagement levels in advocacy + how many Americans are represented at each
  • Granular profiles of the two most highly engaged groups – Ultimate Advocates and Prudent Participants – including their personal values, political ideology, media diets, and more
  • Where Ultimate Advocates and Prudent Participants stand on the top issues of 2021

Resonate | Meet the Engaged Advocates of America

Every advocacy campaign professional needs a well-rounded, up-to-date understanding of these individuals.

Ready to meet the engaged advocates you want behind your cause?

Get the fresh, granular insights you need to ignite campaign results — download 2021 Advocates of America: How to Ignite Action in Americans at the Highest Levels of Advocacy Engagement on the Issues that Matter Most today.

Resonate | Meet the Engaged Advocates of America

Get the freshest, deepest, most actionable insights on any American micro-segment

Let’s get your cause the support it needs and the campaign metrics you crave. Bring us your focus issue and we’ll bring you real-time insights on a scalable segment of Americans, ready for deep analysis, precise targeting, and effective activation.

For more actionable insights on Americans, bookmark our resources for political and advocacy campaigns, and check back as we release more Advocacy Playbook 2021 deep dives into the advocates and adversaries of 2021’s top issues.

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