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With a recession looming, many Americans are feeling the financial pains of inflation, and according to Wave 29 of the Resonate Recent Events Report series, they’re adjusting their spending accordingly. There’s been a significant spike in consumers buying in bulk, brand switching, and shopping in different stores in search of an economic reprieve. How does a brand respond to this change in consumer behavior? How does a message connect with what matters most to a wary audience? If you’re Amazon, you bring empathy—and a good dose of humor—into your back-to-school marketing. 

Amazon’s  “Spend Less on Your Kids” Commercial 

Amazon recently launched a hilarious commercial that features Kathryn Hahn in a back-to-school campaign aimed at budget-conscious shoppers. Strategically released ahead of 2022 Prime Day, the ad strongly encourages parents to spend less on their kids—and that no price is too low.  

If you’re a retailer that sells eco-friendly school supplies, how can you retain your customers AND target some of the 59 million Amazon Prime subscribers with kids in K-12? Let’s walk through it together using Resonate’s AI-powered consumer intelligence platform. 

Who’s Back-to-School Shopping on Amazon 

To drive acquisition and build brand loyalty, brands need to start with the basics. Who exactly are the Amazon Prime shoppers this back-to-school season? Without identifying what motivates them to choose one retailer over another, you risk launching a campaign that completely misses the mark. The Resonate Ignite Platform can deepen your understanding of not just your customers and prospects but also your competitors’—for more powerful, effective marketing.


Before crafting a compelling message that resonates, you need to know who you’re speaking to beyond demographics. The Audience Introduction Report inside the Ignite platform gives you a snapshot of the demographics, hobbies, psychological drivers and personal values, and even daily routines of your audience.

Let’s compare the average Amazon Prime subscriber with children in school to the eco-friendly Amazon Prime subscriber with children in school to find ways that differentiate each segment for more personalized messaging. 

Audience Intro Report average amazon prime parent

38.1 million of the 59 million Amazon Prime Subscribers with kids in K-12 also consider themselves eco-friendly consumers. Demographically the two audiences look almost the same, but that’s where the similarities end. This group of eco-friendly segment has different psychological purchase drivers, hobbies, and values that paint a unique picture of what matters to them and how they fill their time.  

Why Should You Understand and Use Consumer Values in Your Marketing? 

Demographics are the baseline of segmentation and consumer understanding. But it’s consumer values that uncover the drivers informing your consumers’ everyday decisions and behaviors. If you want to dig a little deeper into your audience’s values, you can access the Personal Values Report to get more insight into what those values mean and how to infuse them into messaging and creative. 

Comparing Shopping Behavior, Product Attributes, & Retailer Preferences

In the Intelligence section of the Resonate Ignite Platform, we can compare each audience segment against thousands of rich, always-fresh attributes to enrich our understanding and inform our marketing strategy. In this case, we want to know the differences in how each Amazon Prime member audience segment shops.


When it comes to these back-to-school audiences, eco-friendly Amazon Prime parents (in green) are less impulsive than the average Amazon Prime member (in orange). They’ll be shopping on your website and will go in-store to pick up their purchases. But, unlike the average Prime member with school-aged kids under 18, they won’t be scouring the papers or internet for coupons. 

Amazon prime parents shopping behavior


Both audiences want family-friendly products that are family-friendly, fun, and timesaving. But the eco-friendly Amazon Prime parent will value products that help them save time much more while putting much less of a focus on product aesthetics than the average Amazon Prime parent. 

Amazon prime parents product attributes


There aren’t many differences in how both audiences want to shop in places that are family-friendly, enjoyable, and easy to browse. However, it’s invaluable to know both segments want and value these customer experiences much more than the average consumer. Do your brand’s digital and physical storefronts match their expectations? 

Retailer Preferences Amazon Prime parents


Want to know where to reach our eco-friendly Amazon Prime parents this season? Then you’ll want to look at the Media Consumption Report to get insights on their top paid-streaming subscriptions, streaming devices, social media networks, and more. Below is the Media Consumption Report for our eco-friendly Amazon Prime segment. Use it to inform your omnichannel back-to-school campaign and ad placements. 

Putting it All Together in Your Marketing 

Now that we’ve looked at just a few of the insights on our target audience inside the Resonate Platform, let’s put what we learned to use. 

GO COMMERCIAL: Quick, catchy ads on streaming channels can be a compelling, cost-effective way to reach your target audience right in their home. Promote your storefront by speaking to your audience’s values and hobbies visually in 15-to-30-second videos on Disney+. 

DON’T FORGET DIGITAL: Are your PPC ads being displayed where our eco-friendly Amazon Prime parents read the news? Make sure your ads are in USA Today and/or the Wall Street Journal websites.  

GET SOCIAL: Collaborate with micro-influencer moms on TikTok this back-to-school season. You can use your eco-friendly audience’s insights to inspire their videos— let them show just how family-friendly and fun your products can be in action.

And if you’re in it to Pin It, reach out to eco-friendly blogger moms who create school supply listicles to be influencers, too. Be sure to create your own Pinterest ads for more reach and brand awareness on the platform. Here’s some inspo from a quick ‘eco-friendly school supplies’ search on Pinterest:

NOTE: Resonate customers can create multi-attribute segments AND deliver individual device IDs to any DSP, DMP, or social platform for activation across all digital channels—and go from insights to action faster, right inside the Ignite platform. 

The Insights You Need for Today’s Data-Driven Marketing

Back-to-school marketing doesn’t have to be difficult or a guessing game. Resonate makes it easy for today’s data-driven marketers to get a deeper understanding of their audiences using one comprehensive, AI-powered solution. Get a demo of the Resonate Ignite Platform and see firsthand how we can turn your data into actionable insights that drive results.

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