Amazon Prime Fall Deals may set the tone for holiday shopping – AI shows what shoppers will put in their carts

Prime Fall Event | Rich Resonate Data

The Amazon Prime Fall Deal Event is upon us with 48 hours of deals for the 167M Americans who are Prime members. Last year, Amazon debuted this special Prime event and dubbed it the “unofficial kick-off to holiday shopping.” If it is anything like this summer’s 48-hour Prime Day event, thousands of deals will be available and billions of dollars will be made. This could bode well for other retailers, so let’s look at who is shopping and, more importantly, what they are in-market for and why. 

Married Millennials looking for deals 

Pre-pandemic, we looked at these highly dedicated Amazon Prime members. We found they were older Gen Xers who are married, have full-time jobs and multiple kids living at home. That has changed a wee bit. Today’s Amazon Prime member is solidly in the Millennial generation. They also are married, but 55% have no children. This shopper – let’s call her “Just looking for Deals” Jessica – is driven by romantic love, proving competence and skills and the freedom to express creativity. Jessica also is motivated by a life full of excitement, novelties & challenges and enjoying life’s pleasures. 

Amazon Prime Audience Segment | Resonate AI-powered data
(Source: Resonate Ignite, October 2023)


Jessica’s top hobbies reflect those motivations – she loves visiting a theme park on the weekend. Jessica’s weekly routine includes eating meals with family, exercising and buying food based on nutritional value.  

Jessica and her cohort are “prime” for Prime membership – they select retailers based on the best prices/sales, and 66% of them over-index for shopping online. They also use coupons and expect an easy return policy (probably because a good 34% of them are likely to make impulse purchases!). Other influences on Jessica’s purchases include whether the company prices products fairly and is working to reduce packaging. Jessica buys green products, recycles regularly and uses reusable bags.  

(Source: Resonate Ignite, October 2023)


Jessica is looking for innovative, unique and popular products over those that are timesaving, familiar and/or easy-to-use. When she isn’t shopping on Amazon, she is searching for deals at Best Buy, Costco and Target (and luckily for her, Costco just announced its own Member Savings Days!).  

According to Resonate AI-powered data, Jessica and her peers currently shop for music, games and books online, as well as clothing, health & beauty products and supplies for their pets. They are looking to buy toys and games; more pet supplies; home goods (specifically mattresses and bed & bath products); more health & beauty products; televisions; and home improvement products in the next 12 months. 

Highly predictive data reveals the deals consumers want today & tomorrow

Resonate Elements data reveals deep insights like these into today’s consumers, whether they are taking part in Amazon Prime events or others. To meet them where they are – and understand their future purchasing behaviors – you need the freshest, most predictive data available today.  

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