[CASE STUDY]: How Resonate Helped Twin Star Enhance Their Product Offerings

Twin Star Home is a multi-million dollar fire and furnishings company in Delray Beach, Florida. They’re the leader in electric fireplaces and adjustable desk, and also count cabinets, coffee tables, office furniture and other home furnishings among their many offerings. Beyond the buy, Twin Star is known for creating engaging experiences and lasting relationships with their consumers.

But, for many years, Twin Star was known exclusively as an electric fireplace company, which prevented them from expanding into other categories. They wanted to change the consumer perception and be known for their broader collection of home furnishings while also growing revenue.

How Twin Star Used Dynamic Personas to Develop More Resonant Products

Throughout the company, different departments use the platform to achieve different goals. The product team applied Resonate’s dynamic insights to develop accurate personas, which they used to create more resonant products for their target consumer. The creative team also used these personas to create more compelling and engaging creative and copy. Lastly, they use the platform to show prospective distribution channels why the products they’ve developed are going to help their business drive growth and stand out from their competition.

Watch our interview with Lisa Cody, Twin Star’s SVP of Marketing, below to learn more.


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