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3 Drivers for Content Distribution Optimization Blog

From the gradual reopening of live entertainment to the relaunch of tv production, many media and entertainment companies got what was on their wishlist this year. Why? Because that spells more opportunities for advertisers and their ad dollars.  

But the landscape has changed significantly since last year. Consumers continue evolving, privacy laws keep changing, and the streaming wars continue. Advertisers also expect more — more data, more insights, and of course, better results. So today, we’re going to discuss three key factors that can make or break a content distribution strategy and why they should be on your radar. 

3 Key Content Distribution Optimization Factors


This one’s easy, and you were probably just looking at a dashboard full of answers to things, like who’s watching? How long? Live or on-demand? Internal analytics and first-party data can give you a good baseline understanding of viewing behaviors by platforms. However, only looking at viewing trends and behavior is not enough to optimize your ads OR grow your revenue.  

Also, I know you love the promise of your first-party customer data. But the truth is, you’ll probably run into some challenges with changing data privacy laws and the impending death of the third-party cookie. To truly leverage your customer data, you’ll still need access to other data—both for activating first-party data and understanding an evolving market as a whole.  

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Ultimately, your client wants to know if your creative drives sales or if one publisher is driving more leads than another. That’s why it’s imperative to have a clear view of a campaign’s ROAS to illustrate how much revenue the ads ultimately bring and where ads are delivered the most.  So, on top of understanding viewing, you need to create the most monetizable views. That’s dictated by the audiences the advertiser wants to bid on, which we’ll cover next.    


Companies are typically data-rich but insights-poor, which is a real shame because incorporating audience insights into viewing and revenue is crucial in creating a content distribution optimization strategy. And, I’m not talking about just demographics either; we’re way past that. 

At Resonate, a better understanding of your audiences goes deeper into their values, interests, characteristics, and media consumption, to name a few. And, when these rich insights are also dynamic, your audience development strategy will always be on point, and you’ll always be ready for what’s next. 

Right Message, Right Audience, Right Time 

The promise of programmatic offers the ability to target that right audience with your compelling message at the right time. But, there’s a growing need for a solution that allows programmatic buyers to move beyond the clicks and impressions, allowing for content distribution optimization based on human-level insights.  

Media consumption, readership and viewership, podcasts, streaming, subscriptions, studio release, etc.—we can help you fill in those audience gaps at scale. The Resonate Ignite Platform™ leverages cutting-edge AI, unlocking robust data on over 230 million U.S. consumers. And, you can load your own data easily and securely to enrich it with our proprietary insights.  

The result? You’ll be the subject matter expert when it comes to your advertiser’s customers — with the data to prove it. And that’s what will land more contracts, extend more deals, and ultimately increase ROAS. 

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