[INFOGRAPHIC] AI-Powered Insights on Today’s Cord-Cutting Audiences

Spend for U.S. CTV advertising in 2022 is a jaw-dropping $19.1 billion. With more ad dollars flowing to streaming this year, you need to prove your network’s unique value by showcasing your advertiser’s desired target audience and sharing the deepest layers that advertisers may not even know themselves.  But first, you’ll need a deeper understanding of your audience at the human level. Resonate has rich, recent, relevant CTV audience data to help you win more pitches, ad revenue, and repeat business — and we’re using these insights to show you who’s streaming. 

Unlock the Human Element to Really Know “Who’s Watching”

Marketers know that generic, demographics-based marketing won’t resonate with today’s cord-cutting audiences. But how can they turn static household-level data into powerful, fresh insights that are hyper-relevant to their audience?

More importantly, how can you help them and become the media company or publisher where they put their trust and ad dollars?

You don’t just tell them you have, know, and understand their target audience. You show them with a little help from A.I.-powered CTV Insights. Resonate uncovers the Human Element, a dynamic, proprietary, 360-degree view of a person that combines core attributes like demographics and psychographics with the values that drive them to choose, support, or abandon a brand or cause. With the Human Element, you’re able to help advertisers get from anonymous viewer to customer faster because you know who they are and what’s most important to them right from the start.

Prove Your Network’s Value and Boost Retention with Resonate 

Unlock an unprecedented level of insights into your connected TV audiences using the industry’s first-ever cookieless CTV Insights solution. With Resonate CTV Insights, you can uncover key information about audiences, including industry-specific buying intent, media consumption habits, and specific media channels. 

Ready to see your audiences in 4K and boost ad revenue? If you want to dive deeper into today’s high-value streaming audiences and the motivations, values, and drivers that could help you connect to your target consumers, get a demo today 

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