Disney+ Isn’t Just for Kids! 5 Fast Facts on Disney+ Subscribers Without Children

Disney+ may conjure up images of Mickey Mouse and Minnie, but there is a significant group (almost 30 million!) of Disney+ subscribers without children. Who are they and how can Disney+ reach them, engage them, and keep them renewing month-after-month, and year-after-year? We’ll look at 5 fast facts on this audience to determine the best strategies to build loyalty with these viewers.

1. Their TV preferences are of the superhero variety

We expected The Mandelorian to top the Disney+ subscribers without children list, but, in fact, they’re actually less likely than the average consumer to watch this Star Wars prequel. Instead, they tune in to shows that center around superheros, including Marvel and Captain America spinoffs. Then, add in a dose of Lizzie McGuire for nostalgia purposes. Continuing to release exciting shows involving superheros will keep this group engaged and watching.

disney+ subscribers without kids - top disney+ tv shows

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, November 2021

2. Gen Z males dominate this group

Who are the Disney+ subscribers without children? Over 50% of them are male, almost half are Gen Z, and they’re looking to live a life full of excitement and creativity. This ties back to our first point, with exciting superhero shows as the focus, but also consider the nostalgia piece we mentioned. Take into account their age and what shows will have them saying, “Oh, I remember that!”

disney+ subscribers without kids - disney+ viewer demographics

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, November 2021

3. To find more people like these viewers, Disney+ should advertise on YouTube

Knowing where to reach viewers — and others like them — is critical. Disney+ can run ads for new shows (particularly those superhero releases!) on YouTube to go directly to 82% of their childfree audience.

disney+ subscribers without kids - disney+ social channels

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, November 2021

4. This is a binge watching group!

These Disney+ subscribers without children are 65% more likely to binge watch than the average consumer and significantly less likely to never or rarely binge watch. This means Disney+ should release shows in bulk to keep viewers hooked for hours. Don’t make them wait another week!

disney+ subscribers without kids

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, November 2021

5. They’re more likely to watch on their phone or laptop

It’s important to know their preferences for watching TV so you can optimize your platform for their habits. The mobile app experience needs to be top notch to keep these viewers coming back.

disney+ subscribers without kids

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform™, November 2021

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