Free for One Year! How Can Disney+ Retain Their Freebie Verizon Customers?

If you’re a Verizon customer, you’re probably familiar with their offer of a free year of Disney+. Maybe you’ve binge watched the “Mandalorian” or parked your kids in front of “Monsters at Work” for hours. But are you going to renew your subscription when it’s up? Is the magic of streaming worth $7.99 a month?

This is the question on Disney+’s marketing team’s radar. It’s up to them to position their streaming service as worthy of the monthly investment — and we have some tips to help them. We looked at Disney+ viewers who are also Verizon customers to learn more about their behaviors, psychographics, values, and drivers, and make the connections that could help Disney+ retain them.

Tip One: They’re 35% more likely to watch streaming TV on their mobile phone

Meet your audience where they are. TIP: With viewers that are more likely than the average consumer to watch streaming TV on their mobile phone, Disney+ needs to make sure their mobile app experience is top-notch if they want to retain customers. Giving them access on-the-go, especially important for this group that’s more likely to travel both internationally and domestically, will improve their experience and loyalty.

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Tip Two: They’re binge watchers at heart

Movies are great, but binge-able content could be better. One of the surefire ways to encourage these viewers to renew their subscription is to keep them watching episode-after-episode, season-after-season. TIP: Disney+ needs to churn out the shows that binge watchers love since they’re 27% more likely to always binge watch than the average consumer.

Want to know how to connect with a binge watcher? We’ve got your details.

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Tip Three: They’re hooked on action-packed content…and “Frozen”

For a group that values excitement and challenges, it’s on brand that their favorite movie genres include sport, war, westerns, thrillers, and sci-fi. But, they are more likely than the average consumer to have children under 5, so animation snuck its way in there, too.

TIP: If Disney+ is going to keep these viewers hooked on their content, they need to deliver what the people want and that’s action-packed movies and shows (again, more “Mandalorian”), while also providing options that their children will ask for again and again.

If their little one has a meltdown if they don’t watch Frozen every morning and Disney+ is the only streaming service that carries it, you can guarantee their parents will hit “renew.”

disney+ retain verizon - disney+ content

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