Disruption-Proof Data: 4 Ways to Drive Agency Growth

Resonate | Disruption-Proof Data: 4 Ways to Drive Agency Growth

In our Disruption-Proof Data: 4 Ways to Drive Agency Growth webinar (watch on-demand), Resonate SVP, Agency, Jonathan Ricard shares the four pillars of using data to ignite growth for advertising agencies:

  • Expanding Existing Business
  • Pitching New Business
  • Becoming a Strategic Business Advisor
  • Reducing Silos with Cross-Team Data Adoption

Let’s dive into the webinar’s key takeaways that you can implement with your team today.

How data helps advertising agencies drive growth and stay resilient in the face of disruption

When consumer attitudes, values, behaviors, and media diets are constantly shifting, real-time insights are crucial. 2021’s most successful agencies will rely on a solid foundation of fresh, deep, and actionable consumer data that keeps up with the current state of consumers.

You must adapt the work you do to the environment you’re in. Turn to real-time consumer insights to answer:

  • Are my customer segments the same? How can I make my segmentation strategy up-to-date and dynamic?
  • What will purchase cycles look like in the future? Which pandemic-era habits are sticking around?
  • Do my engagement channels still work? With more time at home and the rise of OTT, am I still reaching my audience in the right places?
  • Are my insights up to date? Do they reflect the latest changes in consumer sentiment?
  • Once up-to-date, are my insights actionable? Can I turn them into effective advertising across digital channels?

Rule #1 of becoming a disruption-proof agency: Be the disruption

Disruption can be a good thing. Shake things up by:

  • changing your client’s perspective on the consumer
  • reflecting changes happening with consumers in your work
  • getting away from using information that is stale and out-of-date

The key is riding the edge of disruption, not being disrupted.

Collaboration is a catalyst to value

Having lots of data isn’t enough, you must instill a culture of using the freshest data to make decisions all the from planning through execution and measurement.

“It’s not enough to democratize data – firms must democratize
insights-driven decision making.”

 – Johnathan Ricard, SVP, Agency

How to find out what road-blocks stand between your team and insights-driven work:

  • Is your team nimble end to end?
  • How quickly can your team iterate?
  • What is the time-delay on learning?
  • Do they need to know how to code to get insights?
  • Do they waste time by repeating work across functions?
  • Are they sharing data or driving disruptive insights?

The disruption-proof agency’s win & expand check-list

  • Stop using consumer insights from 2019, or even a few months ago
  • Use fresh insights to deliver a differentiated and up-to-date view of your clients’ consumer
  • Engage your client on strategic approaches to refreshing segmentation studies, audience targeting strategies, and consumer behavior
  • Empower team members to do more with less by democratizing access to insights

Are you ready to win?

Agencies continue to face a stunning pace of change in 2021. Executives are reporting comeback signs, but business will never be as usual. A future of smaller, smarter agency teams integrated with technology will rearchitect a more successful, sustainable agency business model.

Fresh insights help your agency:

  • adapt to the changed consumer
  • thrive in disruption
  • drive success for your clients, fast
  • maintain a competitive edge
  • empower your teams

Timely, relevant insights + the ability to act on them = your agency’s competitive advantage

Everything from strategy through execution must be rooted in human-level insights that ignite consumer-brand connection. Request a demo to find out how.

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