It’s Dry January! See Who’s Drinking No- and Low-Alcohol Beverages in the New Year.

NOLO Alcohol Drinkers on Dry January

Phew. We’re officially midway through the first month of 2022. If you feel like you need a stiff drink, then you might be in smaller company than previous years. Dry January, mocktails, and the sober-curious movement have been gaining steam nationwide in recent years. In fact, A Morning Consult poll found that 1 in 7 Americans took a break from alcohol in January of last year.  

A boom in no- and low-alcohol beverages 

Unsurprisingly, no- and low-alcohol (NOLO) beverages have popped up left and right in recent years, and times are good for this industry. According to Insider, Nielsen reported that US sales for non-alcoholic beverages increased 33% to $331 million in 2021.  

But the competition is getting tough fast. Emerging and known brands alike will need deep, dynamic consumer data to reach this growing audience with the right message on the proper channels. Today, we’re doing the hard work for them by taking a data-driven look at the Americans cutting back on their alcohol consumption, including their demographics and values, and one brand we think got it right. 

Americans cutting back on alcohol consumption 

Using the Resonate Ignite Platform™, I created an audience of Americans who say their alcohol consumption decreased in the past three months. The audience overview below serves as a snapshot of their demographics as well as their motivations (top personal values and psychological drivers) and lifestyle (top hobbies and routines)highlights.

Nolo alcohol drinkers audience report

Human-Level Insights: Personal Values   

We know that you can’t just rely on demographics to build connections and lasting relationships with consumers. So, let’s look at some human-level insights on NOLO alcohol drinkers next. Anytime you create an audience within the Resonate, you have access to the values report, which shows the values that drive consumers to action. Here are the top values for Americans cutting back on alcohol:  

  • Life Full of Excitement, Novelties, & Challenges: These consumers may seek new and thrilling experiences and are more likely to take risks to achieve those experiences. 
  • Everyone Treated Equally: They may emphasize the equality and protection of all people. Life is about social justice.  
  • Caring for Family and Friends: This audience may be devoted to the welfare of family and friends.  

zero-proof alcohol drinkers personal values

A general themes of these values are “openness to change” and “self-transcendence.” When it comes to messaging and creative, brands promoting non-boozy alternatives should consider using themes of…  

  • Adventure, inventiveness, excitement, and variety in life  
  • Equality, fairness, tolerance or highlight philanthropy and social activism activities  
  • Caring, nurturing, acting genuinely and honestly, and protection 

Heineken 0.0—did they get it right?  

One recent NOLO alcohol commercial that I think reflects the audience above is the latest from the ‘Cheers with No Alcohol. Now You Can’ campaign for Heineken 0.0. Not only does the ad show the audience’s ability to enjoy an exciting and dynamic lifestyle, but it also promotes fairness in the idea that everyone can share social moments whether they are drinking or not through alcohol-free beer.  

But you be the judge—check out the commercial below: 


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